I like to paint real tiny and framing is a challenge, so last year I got into framing work in recycled objects. It's also so nice to compose without corners. This one's a peanut butter jar lid c:

Also I just love earthworms so much, they are pure wonder.

Gouache and watercolour on rag paper on lid

@Alisonannwoodward I love this!!!!! I think worms are so cute tbh 🥺

@Alisonannwoodward oh waw. This is nice the way you made all of this look so "chic". I definitely love it. 🔥

@Alisonannwoodward wow I love it, turning trash into treasures ( that's kinda what earthworms do too!)

@baileychristinestudios the art supplies were the friends we made a long the way!

@Alisonannwoodward I feel like this belongs in a little country home kitchen. It's so freaking cute

@Alisonannwoodward aaaa! I love wormies 😍 do you sell your pieces at all? They're so gorgeous 😭

@Chel thank you! Worms are wonderful 💖
I do sell work, this one sold in a show. I'm hoping to use my online store in the new year c:

@Alisonannwoodward omg these are amazing :blobcathearteyes: I love earthworms too, they're so awesome and cute

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