A few little microscope slide pieces from last year

Teeny moments

All titled "used"
Gouache and watercolour on rag paper between soldered microscope slides

I like to paint real tiny and framing is a challenge, so last year I got into framing work in recycled objects. It's also so nice to compose without corners. This one's a peanut butter jar lid c:

Also I just love earthworms so much, they are pure wonder.

Gouache and watercolour on rag paper on lid

a watercolour of anatomical musculature of a hare 

watercolour and gouache on wood panel

I'm really fond of this one, it was my first time painting on transparent watercolour ground and I love the way the satin-like layers of lines held up.

I love anatomy. Bodies are wiiiiild.

A whimsical watercolour of mice and a small spider 

This is an old one from several years ago, but I still enjoy it.

It's the full spread from a zine based on this painting called, "you seem to know what you are doing"
The title is in reference to the astonishing beauty of biodiversity and living things💖

you seem to know
watercolour, coloured pencil, ink, and stickers on rag paper

Small things are comfortable

Gouache & Watercolour on cut rag paper in between soldered glass slides

This is my favourite painting I made this year.

Many Gifts
gouache and watercolour on wood panel

Hullo! I'm new! I just joined mastadon because I'm excited about the idea of decentralized social media.

I'm excited to see everyone's work!

Here's the wee little bud that's currently my profile picture:

gouache & watercolour on rag paper in between microscope slides, soldered at the edge

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