@xyzzy 11 please! (This is so wonderful, thank you)

@ElisaUllien do it! I'm far from the first, but it's my favorite no-take_backs framing method c: it's pretty magical

@bmann rad! I'm just on book two of the earthbreaker series! I enjoy her writing a lot

A few little microscope slide pieces from last year

Teeny moments

All titled "used"
Gouache and watercolour on rag paper between soldered microscope slides

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The two first pages of "manifesto" , a story I drew back in January. Really enjoying being able to post all kinds of different formats on here!

@valgallardo 😭 that is all I waaaaaaaant 😭 💖

This is lovely

@anaisfae These are lovely! Super wonderful fur and feathers

@Chel thank you! Worms are wonderful 💖
I do sell work, this one sold in a show. I'm hoping to use my online store in the new year c:

Painting of Drugs / Weed 

@Chel a very cute, thoughtful leaf!

@BrianaHertzog oh my goodness, the TEXTURES😍 that GLOSS

@baileychristinestudios the art supplies were the friends we made a long the way!

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