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pda (kissing) 

heyy! just added a link in my bio to a tshirt I'm selling over on Mercht for the next 2ish weeks. It's gay and cute :) this is the design!

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Illustration of a stylized bug 

This guy is about five inches long and part of my largest piece yet, I'll probably be working on it for a while.

Okay! So I've learned something- when cancelled the redirect to my account, all my toots are still here! Woa! Neat!

so I guess have two masto-homes now c: how lovely!

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Feeling so nostalgic with some coloring pages from @Alisonannwoodward :owi:

All I ever did as a kid was color Neopets coloring pages. 🥺

Small things are comfortable

Gouache & Watercolour on cut rag paper in between soldered glass slides

This is my favourite painting I made this year.

Many Gifts
gouache and watercolour on wood panel

Hullo! I'm new! I just joined mastadon because I'm excited about the idea of decentralized social media.

I'm excited to see everyone's work!

Here's the wee little bud that's currently my profile picture:

gouache & watercolour on rag paper in between microscope slides, soldered at the edge

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