Sorry for the lack of updates on the 3D model. I find retopo-ing a model very boring and slow for the audience (and a bit for myself).

So once I finish that part, it will be back to streaming the color process.

Thanks a lot for passing by to the stream. I hope we can continue next week.

I will finish the sculpt or I won't stop the stream (and die trying).

Join me at:

Today's stream was great! Thanks for passing by.
This is today's progress. Almost done, hopefully it will be finished tomorrow.

On the polishing phase of the model I'm making. Come join me and even provide some feedback.

Planning anything for this month? Halloween party? Maybe horror gaming for your stream?

If you are into board games, I would recommend The Bloody Inn, Cult and/or Betrayal at the house of the hill.

Reglamentary post to say Im alive. Nothing suspicious here, nope.
Move along, move along

End of the weekend. I hope you had fun and rest. May your start of the next week goes well as well.

Good night!

Suddently Modron! Intriguing lore but unsettling at the same time. Visit your nearest Monster Manual for more information.

How was your weekend Mastodon?
Besides being short that is? Gone outside? Stayed inside? Somewhere in the middle?

Swifty Maneuver #3

This happened to us during one of our games a long time ago. It was incredibly more funny when the DM even told us what he rolled.

Edit: Sorry, had to divide the webcomic in two and repost.

Still alive. I just have been quite busy. Not much to report yet, but maybe something soon.

Side question: Do you play board games? Why or why not?

I'm pretty sure everyone has felt impostor syndrome. how do you get over it?

And is done, another fan art for my project. I liked what I learned with this one.

Practicing stylized faces and making my own version of a Wicked Witch of the West.

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