I.. didn't think this was an actual porn instance thingy. anyway I'm new and if anyone knows landscape servers pls lemme know.
this is the type of stuff i draw owo

@curator I'd stay here ig but like I'd love to have more of a landscaping community. :0 if you know any please lmk uwu <33

@Sylvhem @Argodeon there's still if you want an more generalist-oriented art instance

@Sylvhem @Argodeon just please, let us know if you migrate, i want to follow you there


@Argodeon Yoooo, your colors and atmosphere! 🌱

I haven't seen a landscape group around yet, but I bet it's more that nobody's organized and found other landscape artists yet and less that nobody's here. I'll keep looking, but in the meanwhile, if you post to #MastoArt you'll be seen by a wider audience because people from other instances/servers look at that hashtag; maybe other landscape artists will find you that way!

@swordjaw tysm for telling me! :0 I'm actually more interested in finding people than people finding me, but I'll give it a shot ig.
also I'm really glad you liked them uwu <33

@Argodeon You could try searching up some hashtags, too, if you haven't tried that already; I see a bunch of posts in #environments, for example. Good luck on your search! ✨

@Argodeon Yeah, it's rough in that way. People are trying to get a culture of tagging things going since it's the only reliable way to find other people interested in the same things, though.

Hope you have a good time here, bumps and all. 🌱

@Argodeon well are there any porn instances ? asking for a friend

@Argodeon Nice artwork! Do you happen to have it in HD? I would be glad to use it as a wallpaper

@Argodeon oh my god this is so cool im shook... did you use reference for this? :0
backgrounds/ landscapes are almost impossible to draw for me so I'm amazed when people can draw them that good

@guiltykiss Thank you! And no, I didn't use any ref for this one.
Its actually pretty easy to draw them! I'd suggest you to imitate the way your favorite artists draw and you'll get there in no time uwu
If you want to know more about my learning process, just ask me or check out my tumblr >

@Argodeon Well, Mastodon is federated but I would still recommend at least for its local timeline. You may find very helpful stuff. Plus your toots would be on its local timeline and may reach your audience better this way since you'd be more on-topic.

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