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Art Commissions (Long Posts + Thread) 

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Hiya, I'm Kiga, a creative creature from the abyss!
You'll catch me drawing monster ppl, flowers & (my fav subject) Eyes 👁v👁)

You can find my art & other socials via both of these links:


💖 NSFW🔞:

✨ NSFW Art Stream ✨ 

assassin // executioner


#art #nsfw #creativetoots #mastoart

Some entirely self-indulgent fanart for Sugarsukka ( on Twitter with Full Moon Blue & Mettyse because of course I have to insert my own children with other people's babies lol

💜 HQ versions of the above can be found on my Patreon💜

✨Patreon Post:

✨Long text + Tags✨ 

A #drawthisinyourstyle that I did for @\GDBee on Instagram! This has always been one of my favorite drawings even if the hands are silly looking. I am never consistent with hands 😭

lesbian vampires..!

⚠️blood tw!⚠️

[ jenae - vi ]

Feeding myself again because I am the only cook who can make content for my own characters :angery:

Of course I'm drawing Blue & Mettyse again though, they're my star players 💕

If you're interested in getting something like this there's still time! Jump aboard that ol' Halloween spirit, yo.

Mettyse's "Anti-Heat" period is over after 2 weeks and Blue won't say it but...he's PRETTY ready to make up for lost time....💙

Mettyse can feel it without them saying it though~💕


🎃Long Text, Input on October art🎃 

Years ago, when I first designed Eva there was a joke in the community that her butt was so shiny that she must have passive spell reflect. Now that rump is a key component of this villainous lady.

Cast at your own risk! ☠️

✨Preview of PatreonNSFW Art of Shuten Douji Minamoto-No-Raikou 

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