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Art Commissions (Long Posts + Thread) 

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Hiya, I'm Kiga, a creative creature from the abyss!
You'll catch me drawing monster ppl, flowers & (my fav subject) Eyes 👁v👁)

You can find my art & other socials via both of these links:


💖 NSFW🔞:

❤️ hi im mango ❤️

🩸 im a 19 yo trans artist from belgium

🩸 intimacy and eroticism is mainly what drives me to make art

🩸 you’ll mainly see me draw my tiefling oc gilbert as hes the centre of a perpetual fixation of mine

🩸 for questions about commissions or just a plain chat feel free to hit up my dms on twitter


#digitalart #painting #digitalpainting

✨Bi-Monthly Public Art Poll (January '20)✨ w/ many tags in post 

First Public Patreon poll of the year!
Keepin' it simple and doin' a pin-up💕

Poll ends on the 13th, 6 days from now, so make sure to get your votes in~ (>vo)/)

batter up ⚾💫🩸☠️

image: punky tattood man in an unreasonably short miniskirt (undies showing) about to murder you with a bloody spiked baseball bat

#nsfw #art #mastoart #creativetoots

In my AU, Aurene isn't the only 'good' elder dragon. Jerixxa, formerly known as Plaguemaster Jeresyk, is the rightful heir to Mordremoth's throne, and took it himself. This is him in elder dragon mode \o/
The weird hand theme is still present, but unlike his Mordrem commander version, his eyes are not covered because he is no longer blinded by an oppressor.
Art sponsored by #GuildWars2 #gw2


I swear I've pumped out more porn this year than ever before :'>
Also continuing to feed my need to make variants for everything✨

Last pic is Aoba getting "punished" for delivering gifts late🤤

✨HQ Ver:

Remembering I love because of the stage play and reveling in the power I have to draw fanart now lol

Also I know I'm late for Christmas but I had my ideas THE DAY before so I am sorry =v=);;

✨HQ Ver:

Old OC Redraw + NSFW Varient 

Feeling cute. Might kill you then cry about it later ;>

Wanted to do some expression practice with one of my boys.

Hopefully I can do one for each of my characters ~

✨HQ Ver:

assassin // executioner


#art #nsfw #creativetoots #mastoart

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