Art Commissions (Long Posts + Thread) 




🌟[email protected] or DM


Art Commissions (Long Posts + Thread) 

✨Prices may change due to extras such as it being NSFW, extra characters, or having a drawn BG.

Specifics and Extras can be found on either of these sites:
(☝️ Lets you get e-mail updates )

✨ Do's/Don't, Rules, and extra info can be found on this page:

✨ Once you're done make sure to read and sign the contract at the end so we both know what we're getting in to >vo)b✨

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Art Commissions (Long Posts + Thread) 

✨Despite comms being indefinite I still only work with 3 pieces at a time.

✨Each commission takes at least a month so make sure to let me know about due dates or just comm me a month ahead just in case.

✨Deadlines ARE a requirement even if ya don't feel you have/need one.

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Art Comms (Long Posts/Thread) 

✨Make sure you have ideas/refs ready before ya message me! I'll usually get back to ya within the day or 24 hours!

✨Payment is typically via Paypal Invoice but we could always use other services if need e. Payment will always be 1/2 upfront and 1/2 upon finishing.

Also, don't feel bad if ya can't commission me!
You also just support me via Patreon/Sponsus or KO-FI!


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