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Feeding myself again because I am the only cook who can make content for my own characters :angery:

Of course I'm drawing Blue & Mettyse again though, they're my star players 💕

It's 🎃SPOOKY MONTH🎃 and wanted to remind ya'll that this creature has a Patreon & a Sponsus✨

👻 Get access to👻
- Monthly Art Suggestions
- HQ Art
- Process GIFS
- Sketch Piles
- And More~✨

🎃Patreon: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon
👻 Sponsus: sponsus.com/u/arthungrydemon

Posted the Process Gif for my July/August Monthly Art~
It's not too long this time compared to the others lol

Also posted the PSD file and some extra PSDs of attempted comic work =v=);

💜GIF: patreon.com/posts/30293415
💜PSDs: patreon.com/posts/30296292

🔷GIF: sponsus.com/u/arthungrydemon/p
🔷 PSDs: sponsus.com/u/arthungrydemon/p

Here are some Monochrome Headshot rewards for my patrons for August~💕

Ajax (left) my patron Klaw's OC & Claude (right) my patron Hao's current obessesion

Those in the $10 tier get one every three months✨

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Lewd Art Preview, Fingers in mouth 

Here is some SFW Art of Asmodeus, I honestly shoud've posted it first but *shrugs* Such is life living with horny brain~

Drawing his crown was a bit new for me since it's a new subject but I think I did pretty good, what do y'all think?

Good Morning!
This took me 4 hours to do in stream last night but I had fun and it made my GF happy so I am SATISFIED💕

Drew some lewd art of our OCs Saute (top) & Percival (bottom)
Hopefully I'll draw some more today!

✨HQ ver. on Patreon later this month: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon

I can't believe I finished the lewd art before the actual ref pic again
Anyways, here's my new character Asmodeus for a FGO inspired DnD campaign. Hopefully I'll have a pic of his wife, soon >v>)

✨Uncensored + High Res on Patreon @ the end of the month: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon

Just wanna remind y'all that the reason I didn't have a monthly pic for last month/why there is no poll this month is that I'm making last months winner a short comic!

It's something I'm new too but I want as much time to work on it to make it worth it✨

However, as compensation, my current and possibly new patrons do get to have a monochrome bust sketch of their fav character for this month.

I decided to participate in this year and I only got like, 2 in before work +life had me struggling =v=);
Oh well, at least I can say I tried and I do like the ones that I got to do! :>

1st character is Elliot who belongs to s.akura_ on Insta

2nd character is Ferra who belongs to Serargh on twitter

2 different moods lol

Monochromatic colored version of the pic of Full Moon AU Mettyse from this post on twitter: twitter.com/DroolingDemon/stat :bubbleheart:

I decided to color it as a commission example of a monochromatic portrait :>
I'll hopefully be posting said revised commissions this weekend :>

HQ version of this will be available on my Patreon for just $2💕

Drew a set of Mettyse expressions since I wanna try to drawing characters being MORE expressive lol

It's honestly pretty fun to do 💕

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