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Feeding myself again because I am the only cook who can make content for my own characters :angery:

Of course I'm drawing Blue & Mettyse again though, they're my star players 💕

Mettyse's "Anti-Heat" period is over after 2 weeks and Blue won't say it but...he's PRETTY ready to make up for lost time....💙

Mettyse can feel it without them saying it though~💕

🔶Patreon: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon
🔷Sponsus: sponsus.com/u/arthungrydemon

✨Preview of PatreonNSFW Art of Shuten Douji Minamoto-No-Raikou 

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Posted the Process Gif for my July/August Monthly Art~
It's not too long this time compared to the others lol

Also posted the PSD file and some extra PSDs of attempted comic work =v=);

💜GIF: patreon.com/posts/30293415
💜PSDs: patreon.com/posts/30296292

🔷GIF: sponsus.com/u/arthungrydemon/p
🔷 PSDs: sponsus.com/u/arthungrydemon/p

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Set up the poll for this month⭐

Whoever wins will get shippy art with a character chosen by myself & patrons.
Wanna be a part of the second vote? It's only $2 ovo)b✨

💜 Poll Link: patreon.com/posts/monthly-art-

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Lewd Art Preview, Fingers in mouth 

Good Morning!
This took me 4 hours to do in stream last night but I had fun and it made my GF happy so I am SATISFIED💕

Drew some lewd art of our OCs Saute (top) & Percival (bottom)
Hopefully I'll draw some more today!

✨HQ ver. on Patreon later this month: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon

I can't believe I finished the lewd art before the actual ref pic again
Anyways, here's my new character Asmodeus for a FGO inspired DnD campaign. Hopefully I'll have a pic of his wife, soon >v>)

✨Uncensored + High Res on Patreon @ the end of the month: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon

Here's the Patreon pic from May of Milo getting some help from his "farm hand", I did a good amount of muscle research while drawing this lol

✨Uncensored + High Res + Variations on Patreon: patreon.com/ArtHungryDemon

(btw is there a NSFW tag for Pokemon art because Idk it)

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