Mettyse's "Anti-Heat" period is over after 2 weeks and Blue won't say it but...he's PRETTY ready to make up for lost time....💙

Mettyse can feel it without them saying it though~💕


🎃Long Text, Input on October art🎃 

Posted the Process Gif for my July/August Monthly Art~
It's not too long this time compared to the others lol

Also posted the PSD file and some extra PSDs of attempted comic work =v=);


🔷 PSDs:

🔞 Links to NSFW Art 🔞 

I can't believe I finished the lewd art before the actual ref pic again
Anyways, here's my new character Asmodeus for a FGO inspired DnD campaign. Hopefully I'll have a pic of his wife, soon >v>)

✨Uncensored + High Res on Patreon @ the end of the month:

I got possessed last night while looking at my exercise ball >v>)

Used this as a way to practice cell-shading since I tend to lean towards soft-shading.
It feels... weird on my art lol

Hidden for lewdness

✨HQ ver @ the end of the month on Patreon:

Monochromatic colored version of the pic of Full Moon AU Mettyse from this post on twitter: :bubbleheart:

I decided to color it as a commission example of a monochromatic portrait :>
I'll hopefully be posting said revised commissions this weekend :>

HQ version of this will be available on my Patreon for just $2💕

Drew a set of Mettyse expressions since I wanna try to drawing characters being MORE expressive lol

It's honestly pretty fun to do 💕

A SUPER CUTE Commission I finished for a friend of their boy, Ajax >v<)💕

This honestly just hit all the right spots for me so I'm super proud of it! :>

Hope I get more comms like this hehe~✨

✨Alright, polls over!

Y'all decided to let Teo enjoy some beach time!

A mafioso heir needs some non-"business" related vacation sometimes too after all~

At the end of the month the High-Res version and variants will be on my Patreon~💕

✨Monthly Art Poll (July '19)✨

It's all OCs this time and there'll be SFW & NSFW versions of the art!

Poll ends on July 10th, so 5 days from now!

Make sure to get your votes in~✨

OC postin' time >:)

Got inspired to do art of the various Mettyse's.
From left to right it's Blue Moon (Original), Full Moon, and Red/Blood Moon ✨

I was talking to Ladi about how a differentiate between them all and these pictures basically popped in my head lol

They'll be up in high res on my Patreon at the end of the month~

✨1st big art dump for my Patreon

For just $2 you can view all of my current works in progress and some art I probs won't post publicly in full res :blobpeek: :bubbleheart:

🔞Post BJ art stuff with an OC I JUST fucking made lol🔞 

Have a problem
My girlfriends keeps letting me make a AUs for our characters so here's Mettyse in our Red Moon AU where /he/ is the homeless werewolf and Blu is the rich Incupire =v=);

✨A higher res, colored version of this'll be put on my Patreon later if y'all wanna get in on peepin' it and possibly other stuff:


Last day to vote in my public art poll~✨

✨You can vote here for a character to be mermaid-ified ----v

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