#UndressMyCharacter Thread 

"Wh- already?!"
"Urk...nn.....well...I guess it can't be helped......"
"If that's how it is..."
"Make sure you get a good look at me."

⭕️Goal 1 Cleared⭕️

✨Next Goal✨
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#UndressMyCharacter Thread 

Y'all know what time it is✨
Let's get Teo out of his workout clothes, yeah?

❤️15 Likes = Hoodie & Leggings Off
🔁 25 RTs = Cooldown Stretches
❤️30 Likes + RTs 🔁 = "Protein Shake"
❤️45 Likes + RTs 🔁 = Post-Workout "Dessert"

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Big bitch is back in town
And I'm comin' for ya

Once more, my sona changes.
Hopefully this design will help me want to draw her more lol

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HHHHhhnghgh Monster boys injected directly into my bloodstream 😩💦 💕
My horny brain has once again activated because of course I immediately draw porn of new (technically new at least) characters so here y'all go 🥴

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I am incapable of 2 things:

1. Finishing a story
2. Not making AUs✨

Couldn't muster strength to do one of those redraws so my brain initiated OC fun time lol

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NSFW OC art + Tags 

I feel like I'm on a roll lately lol
Have a page full of Felix💕

I swear by the end I'm gonna have 20+ OCs w/ pink hair =v=);

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I got possessed and finished this comm for
BiggyTheBigg on Twitter
in 3 days >v>);;;;

Got to use a pose I'd already done so that might be part of it lol
Maybe I should do YCHs...?

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Too many ideas
Time to redraw old art 😎

Lol, I've just been in a Teo mood lately I think

I find it funny the first time I drew him he was as white as a ghost lol

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Ma! It's that damn cat again!
It's trying to pic a fight with Nito!

Angry cat comm for LuluDeluxes on Twitter~

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New OC time lol

Their name is Sigil and despite how they look they are most definitely a demon.

After all true angels are amalgamations of eyes and rings made of fire and are not meant to be viewed by the naked human eye.

But...humans don't have to know that :>

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Old OC Redraw + NSFW Varient 

Did this for Nostalgiavember~

Ny was originally or a Corruption of Champions Pathfinder campaign that ended up just not happening. Looking back, maybe that was or the best lol

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Feeling cute. Might kill you then cry about it later ;>

Wanted to do some expression practice with one of my boys.

Hopefully I can do one for each of my characters ~

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Mettyse's "Anti-Heat" period is over after 2 weeks and Blue won't say it but...he's PRETTY ready to make up for lost time....💙

Mettyse can feel it without them saying it though~💕

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🎃Long Text, Input on October art🎃 

With this job IDK if I'll have enough time during this spooky month...
I have an ideas for the monthly art but I need opinions before I do the official poll.

Would y'all rather this month's art be straight up guro, a redraw of some older art, or species change for a character (ex. Human -> Mermaid)?

I'll just have this poll up for a day so I can get quick answers

Posted the Process Gif for my July/August Monthly Art~
It's not too long this time compared to the others lol

Also posted the PSD file and some extra PSDs of attempted comic work =v=);

💜GIF: patreon.com/posts/30293415
💜PSDs: patreon.com/posts/30296292

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🔞 Links to NSFW Art 🔞 

I had to force myself to say 'done' to this because I wanted it to be perfect but nonetheless I wored really hard on this so I hope ppl who are/wanna be my patrons enjoy this ;;v;;):bubbleheart:

💜 patreon.com/posts/29760703

✨ Also you can vote for this month's art here, it's a public vote: patreon.com/posts/monthly-art-

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