Big bitch is back in town
And I'm comin' for ya

Once more, my sona changes.
Hopefully this design will help me want to draw her more lol

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I am incapable of 2 things:

1. Finishing a story
2. Not making AUs✨

Couldn't muster strength to do one of those redraws so my brain initiated OC fun time lol

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Too many ideas
Time to redraw old art 😎

Lol, I've just been in a Teo mood lately I think

I find it funny the first time I drew him he was as white as a ghost lol

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Ma! It's that damn cat again!
It's trying to pic a fight with Nito!

Angry cat comm for LuluDeluxes on Twitter~

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New OC time lol

Their name is Sigil and despite how they look they are most definitely a demon.

After all true angels are amalgamations of eyes and rings made of fire and are not meant to be viewed by the naked human eye.

But...humans don't have to know that :>

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Feeling cute. Might kill you then cry about it later ;>

Wanted to do some expression practice with one of my boys.

Hopefully I can do one for each of my characters ~

✨HQ Ver:

Here are some Monochrome Headshot rewards for my patrons for August~💕

Ajax (left) my patron Klaw's OC & Claude (right) my patron Hao's current obessesion

Those in the $10 tier get one every three months✨

Here is some SFW Art of Asmodeus, I honestly shoud've posted it first but *shrugs* Such is life living with horny brain~

Drawing his crown was a bit new for me since it's a new subject but I think I did pretty good, what do y'all think?

Monochromatic colored version of the pic of Full Moon AU Mettyse from this post on twitter: :bubbleheart:

I decided to color it as a commission example of a monochromatic portrait :>
I'll hopefully be posting said revised commissions this weekend :>

HQ version of this will be available on my Patreon for just $2💕

Drew a set of Mettyse expressions since I wanna try to drawing characters being MORE expressive lol

It's honestly pretty fun to do 💕

A SUPER CUTE Commission I finished for a friend of their boy, Ajax >v<)💕

This honestly just hit all the right spots for me so I'm super proud of it! :>

Hope I get more comms like this hehe~✨

✨Monthly Art Poll (July '19)✨

It's all OCs this time and there'll be SFW & NSFW versions of the art!

Poll ends on July 10th, so 5 days from now!

Make sure to get your votes in~✨

So, I know this is pretty different from what I usually draw but I did this for one of my art classes last year and I liked it so I wanted to do it digitally too

This was an artist study of/was inspired by Yayoi Kusama :>

High-res version will be on Patreon at the end of the month✨


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