I did this to test out in Now I'm craving donuts. That icing needs work, I think. Increase roughness. Add cracks to the surface like it's sat for a day.

Over the summer I spent a great deal of time outside messing with my fish ponds. At one point I watched someone on youtube successfully grow terrestrial moss underwater. I went out with a razor blade to scrape a hunk from the flagstones & my FIL asked me why I was collecting it. I explained how it would grow long & leggy submerged instead of tight & short. He said "Well that's because it's searching for oxygen! Duh!" What the actual 4th grade science fail? I can't even. 🤦‍♀️

Whew! Long time no toot.

I've recently crammed SO MUCH Blender 2.8 and PBR node stuff that my head is killing me, but in the best way. I can't say that it will replace ZBrush & Substance Painter for me but man Eevee is cool AF. Cycles rendering bored me even though my pc can spit it out in under 5 minutes. I am high key down with realtime stuff. It's my favorite.

How's things going for you all? What's new? Do the typing reply thing @ me. =]

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Reason # 1 that I don't take commissions: this is a tribute tattoo design for my spouse. I've had it at this point for over a year. The last paid commission I accepted was for a dog portrait. After 6 months the customer was worried I never started it. I hadn't. I did it in 2 days after that. She still loved it so.. Win-win.

That time I was so tired of hearing "shadows need to be darker" so I shaded so much the paper is dirty and I created a hole after scrubbing the paper fibers away. Marked sensitive bc not everyone wants to see blood skull & a dead eyeball.

Observation - I can contact ppl I consider friends & ask to make plans. Too busy. That's okay.
I can see those ppl making plans with each other without me. No big. I'm a homebody at heart. I don't get friend jealous (I'm poly, duh) so I don't take that personally.

What irks me is if I even mention that I suspect I don't have any actual friends, fair-weather fuckers come outta the woodwork like "WHA? We are BFFS!"

You think so? 5+ yrs of not responding. Admit it & just let me go already

What do you do when you want to draw a character & you know basic forms, lighting, anatomy, etc & your >9000 Pinterest pins are failing you? I'm drawing a blank here. (Haha pun) I can do blank human bases for days but stylizing ANYTHING? Not even if my life depended on it right now... Or anytime in the last 3 years.

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post no. 2

Fell off the water wagon for a week. That tanked my mood & energy by day 2. Today I was back to brooding angry about things outside my control & spiraling. Drinking water right now.

Lol (actual lol) @ watching Donnaxyz's live stream. She's so monotone sassy, I love it.
"[Sculpt] looks like Neferttiti."
Donna: "I don't know what she looks like. I thought she's been kinda... dead a long time."

Well, that was fun. Found out that the conditions I've had since I was 9 are most likely just longterm dehydration. I dialed my ma to ask if she ever made me drink water (I hate it as an adult). She said no & that she has only started drinking more water recently herself.

I'm hypertensive & at risk of heart failure & stroke because I don't have a water drinking habit instilled in me. I'm not even 35 yrs old... Drink water, people. Not doing it WILL kill you eventually.

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me: okay finally. im getting stuff done. ive been meaning to get stuff done for a week

brain: maybe though. maybe... maybe you should instinctively open up The Web Page That Tells You All The Horrible Things That Are Going On In The World

me: ooohh ooooh which one! which one!

So, my is ready items. This means I mod existing games that allow it. I also observe common practices upheld by game industry professionals...

Just because non-maxis made for dont suit the rest of the game does not make them alpha edits. An alpha is black & white visibility controlling map. Diffuse is the flat texture. Even hobbyists should use correct terminology.

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sometimes ur mood is like "no" and u gotta be like "ya" otherwise you dont get better

Surprise ending: My best friend (@ the time) got invited to a party in the downtown metro area and BAM! There sat the thief. He was living at the location with the party host. My friend asked me if I wanted to bust him. I said no b/c fuck all was done the first time around. I didnt expect a second call to the 5-0 to go any differently.

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Me: Yeah, I'm Atlas, Im part of + community as a queer demise-
CIS ally: Umm that's an offensive slur. Not everyone likes being called that in the LGBT community. I know ppl r takin it back but you shouldn't say it b/c its offensive.
Me: Good luck using that logic on the slurs poc are taking back. Pretty sure they are gonna laugh in your face when you use that same line.

I gave the detective on the case the persons picture, full name, active social media account, fathers name address & phone # and was told to call if they contacted me for any reason.

2 yrs later I get a letter in the mail from a buyhere payhere auto lot asking if Id like the personal items they found inside of a car they recently acquired. I called & asked how they intended to sell a car w/o a title (still in my safe) & a stolen one at that! So much for grand theft auto being a serious crime

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