Profile picture I made for myself :bubbleheart:
The character is Shiki, an OC. He's trans and achillean. :trans_flag:

Changed my display name to my new name
Glad I don't have to go by my character's name anymore!

Dick Doodles 

Its a dick and a butt 

After doing figure studies all day today I drew Charles again doing the classic Shaft Head Tilt
This is pretty much how I imagine him in my head! Success!

I keep forgetting I have this account ๐Ÿ˜…


Quick study of a pretty boy on Instagram!!

I want to kiss your wretched face โฃ

cw: blood/light injury

Messy sketch of a modern design au idea I had for Dracula. There's some things I want to change tomorrow morning but
Happy Valentine's Day?

Posted this to my main too but it really belongs on here ๐Ÿ’œ Is this sfw enough to go uncw'd?

Some random hearts I made:
-Blue and white w/ the flower is the Achillean flag (an orientation for men and male-aligned enbies who are attracted to other men and male-aligned enbies)
-Red, brown and tan is the Marsic flag (an orientation for being attracted to men, masculinity and male-aligned enbies)
-Orange and yellow is the Solaric flag (an orientation for male-aligned enbies who are attracted to other male-aligned enbies)

Male Nudity, C๐Ÿ“ck, Dracula in Bondage, theres some precum too 

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