My take on Hestia, from "Dungeon ni deai o motomeru no wa machigatteiru darō ka"
She's no a child goddess anymore, her body have changed and her boobs have grown huge.

Bosmer character from The Elder Scrolls Online, after drinking a breast expansion potion last month; trying to find a new top that could fit her new size.

New main site up and running !

There are a few improvements, it's faster, and has an SSL which means you can navigate it with https protocol. I may tweak it a little more in the next few days.

The domain has changed but I've set up a redirection so the old adress should still work for a while; but it's best if you bookmark the new one :)

New tier reward : patron's request, first of its kind.

Tifa Lockhart from FF7 !
What a strange materia, Cloud might like it... Does it works with quadra magic ?
Only patrons will know ;) (Comes with BE, super BE and animated BE versions)

Hope you like !


Hello everyone !
After a long and busy year, it's finally here ! The chapter 5 is done and released !
Featuring on these cover art two new characters : The goddess Keelai and the desaen Nibani.
Contains 34 pages

Some previews here :
Buy it here :

- Discount for patrons
- Buying chapter 5 will get you 30% off on all my gumroad items until july 20th.

Hope you like !


This is a spin-off from my Andromeda comics story. A one shot page about Suxlu.
This moment is taking place in chapter 4, Just after setting camp and the appearance of the villains.

The first 3 chapters are free to read on my website.

Hope you like !

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