▪ existential bear II ▪

The bear is also the symbol of Berlin, as is the famous TV tower - and this town sure makes you wonder sometimes... >.>


▪my design process of the Nietzschean Cat tattoo▪

About my process:
I design the tattoo with the recipient present, because i like to collaborate and involve them in the artistic process. I like making art with people, I like encouraging others to be creative, and I like creating tattoos that make their recipients giddy with excitement. These sketches were a hooooot to make and we had great laughs in the process! XD

▪ can't tatt right now, so over the next few days i'll be posting some of my fave tatts i've made :)

Enjoying the vibes on Mastodon so far!

I keep trying to straighten out the reflection of trees in the water, i keep trying to perceive objective reality, both delightfully futile...

I'm a QT tattooer based in Berlin.
I'm testing out Mastodon in hopes of migrating here from Instagram - because fuck capitalism and fuck censorship.


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