More Desino - some casting, some bad Darkest Dungeon style ripoff, some strange no purpose pose - he’s the first time I’ve been playing a no armour full restoration mage (ordinator naturally) but I have to admit, it’s fun. In a “OH my god don’t hit me my armour spell just ran out and I have no magicka go eat my followers not me”-kind of way.

One buff Skyrim kitty, named Desino. Charismatic alchemist and aspirering cult leader.

Portrait Flat Colour Commission done for ll-dank-hank-ll on Tumblr. ♥
Commissions: blastedkingcommissions.tumblr.

Just some pseudo angel (and Varrik) scribbles and doodles from the last days. Onur and Aslan - and Beria and Varrik. I’m really enjoying spending thoughts in this universe again right now.

“Take my child and turn him into a banshee in my place. Give him the chance to find happiness.”

Always an outsider among in his coven, Jude has always felt drawn to the human plane where he forged friendships with humans and other spirit beings. But his true chance of happiness comes after 300 years, when the village’s new priest mistakes him for one of the village’s young men.

The first actual thing I drew in two weeks now, but inevitable after reading all the Jitterverse content we got lying around. ♥ I still love them all so much. (from the left; Varrik, Beria, Ishmael, Jitter, San Demija, Arekelek - and on the bottom is Kiki.) I still adore how Varrik, who is with 1,77m not short for a human, is so tiny in his chosen company.

I have a lot on my mind right now, but I like this one quite a bit so here we go. Of course, my rim of madness experience would end up with tentacle dick. Who would I be otherwise.

Here are Natalia's breasts because of circumstances that ...presented themselves recently. 😬

“It was unknown why the second son of Artemis had left his house, why he choose to leave his father's side, but there were whispers and rumours saying that Guang Ma had not left, but had been exiled. Guang Ma would never say a word about it - and so he had never denied the speculations that people had formed around him. But everyone knew his heart had never left Russia.”

Guang Ma <3

I'm playing the Rim of Madness mod for Rimworld since quite a while now; of course staring my OC so here are Alejandro and Dylan - Alejandro sure takes care of his flock. ❤️

Well! At least this Tumblr kerfuffle is giving me the kick in the butt to migrate to a couple other platformes. Have my work cut out for me for the next days, eh. 👑

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