to paraphrase William Gibson

"dystopia is here, it's just not evenly distributed"

The Berenstain Bears were, indeed, the Berenstein Bears years ago; you have proof.
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You're a paramedic. In fact, an immortal paramedic. Since you first treated a wounded soldier on the fields of the 30-years War, you didn't age and followed the development of "Emergency Medical Service". Your coworkers are astonished by your knowledge, but sometimes, you slip into old habits..
#writingprompts #writing

@WritingPrompts oh crap, I always create characters with fucked up backgrounds, I'm so sorry, guys...

This is a terrible time to upload some art, so lets do it with gusto! Finally finished Ferra's half of random rope stuff on a ship. Time to find a good local printer and have them stare lovingly at eachother on my wall.

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