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magical girl transformation sequence but ending with:

β€’ your long flowing hair turns green from the roots out
β€’ an invisible force slashes it into an undercut
β€’ complex glowing mystic lines appear around you, contract onto your skin, and remain as tattoos
β€’ your ears erupt with rows of helix piercings, each one locking into place in sequence
β€’ your dress gets ripped up from the forces at work, sewn back together by unseen hands with big chunky stitches
β€’ a fancy vest appears floating in the air
β€’ it covers itself in gleaming badges and runic patches declaring your allegiance to the forces of good: πŸ’–, ⚧, πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ, ⚒, ❀️♾, 😻, πŸ€–β€¦
β€’ then wraps itself around you with a crash of thunder

also, your mystic cat familiar can be seen licking their own asshole in the background through the whole sequence, totally unimpressed

Someone: The Human Body is the pinnacle of evolutionary progress.
Me: chokes on my own saliva

suggestive scar kissing 

Happy everyone! Let’s start off the new year with FaerΓ»n’s favorite twink sandwiched between two of his main squeezes ❀️ show me your threesomes masto!✨

Aurelius the tiefling belongs to @guts
Lumin the half elf belongs to @clover
Rooney the human is mine

Blowjobs \o/ 

flex is naked ig 

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