Kind of a rushed sketch of Atoni. He has a lusty obsession with his master and thinks of his quite highly...

Perhaps I should post the summary now to give you an idea of what this comic is about, hm?


The most recent image I did of Atoni.

If anyone asks, he's 24 in this image.

There will be some name changes in some characters. I'm not overly fond of the name Iblis. Sounds too much like another character I have named Ibris.

Iblis is just a place holder name for right now as I work out details and the story.

Also the release date may be pushed back. We'll see.

Cont- Over the years, Atoni grows an obsession over impressing his master and gaining his approval. However, this is no easy task as he is continued to be out done by his fellow trainees. It seems that he will never be able to get his wish, but the king of Hell has other ideas...

After being mistaken for an infernal child, Atoni is taken into the depths of Hell by a scout demon. Deciding that the human child may be of use, Iblis, the devil himself, decides against disposing of the child and instead has him be trained along side the rest of the infernal children.

Concepts of creatures for my webcomic I mentioned.

The dragon sort of creature doesn't have a name yet. While the more dog like creature is a take on Hellhounds.

These particular beasts are pets for Atoni. How he got them is somewhat spoilerish.

Atoni is a character that came to me in a dream a while back and inspired a webcomic. I posted another image of him recently of him being a tease.

I've already written the prologue to it and I am very excited!

I love this precious boy.

An AU character/female version of my character, Gabriel.

She sort of became her own character though. Gabriella is what I call her. Much more enthusiastic about showing herself off than her male counterpart.

She'd call him a prude.

I had a dream a while back that inspired a webcomic and this was a scene in it.

Better get working on it

Sketch I did a little while back. Gabriel, my angel oc, getting a facial.

An alien character of mine who goes by the human name Shawn.

Played around with candy gore


More cock sucking. This time of a friend's OC. His name is Jack. Fill him up with the biggest of dicks please~


How bout I post some cock sucking

I'll probably only ever post my OCs. I have no interest in drawing mainstream characters. 🤔

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