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I guess I should make this post now:
While 99% of my interactions here have been so amazing and supportive, I'd like to make something very clear to the other seemingly increasing 1%.

I have a zero tolerance policy for intentional transphobia, antiblackness, racism, antifat bias, TERFS, SWERFS, white supremacists and those who continue clinging to the coat tails of such.
We all make mistakes, we are human, and have things to unlearn. But talking over BIPOC and microaggressions are a big 🚫

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Hello world of Mastodon!
I'm trying to move myself over to Mastodon for the IG/FB boycott on December 20th. Like many others, I have experienced the extremely discriminatory censorship and practices on both platforms, and want to stand in solidarity with SW and marginalized groups.
I'm Korean, nonbinary [they/them/he], disabled, and a makeup enthusiast. I'm still learning the ropes and this platform set up, but people have already been so kind and helpful :owi:

@ Chel @ is where I'll be. This entire situation is a hot ass mess, and I don't wanna be around when they rage-quit this entire instance..

idk wtf happened on this instance but I'm hopping to because I'm not about to risk not moving everything over if wtfe just happened, happens again... I thought I either got banned or the instance got deleted entirely...

Was are alley completely down?? wtf juts happened? I made a weirder earth acct because I got nothing but an error page on both tusky and desktop.....?

Can we just get a goddamn admin statement on how these situations will be handled in the future and base our decision on whether we're leaving or not on that thank you

Welp.. I'm out of the honey moon phase of Mastodon 🥲
This situation is a meeeeeessssss

Attempt to contact admins over e-mail was unsuccessful, so posting receipts here. Here is the original report we received (name of artist redacted), and a private exchange with whalefall. The comment mentions nazi imagery, but none could be found in the reported post, or in other posts at the time we checked the account (if a post that was reported was deleted, it would still appear on the report). Drawings did not seem to depict minors. (4/-)

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selfie, eye contact, cool pronouns 

my embroidery from @junebug arrived!!

get rekt, neopronoun dislikers

check out their stuff here:

(btw June i love the gay geese :purple_sparkling_heart: )

To migrate or not to migrate instances.. Artalley situation 

So now the question is.. do I move instances partly on the fact that the accusations are very alarming, the response to this situation was not handled well, and now I guess it's a risk of just being tossed into the void and this instance being canned completely...?

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To migrate or not to migrate instances.. Artalley situation 

So now it becomes an issue of both admins not taking accountability on either side...
The post should not have been made and then dipped for the night, and shouldn't have been made without more consult with the admin(s). And the idea of just deleting this instance entirely is over reacting as well and avoiding accountability for how this situation should have been better handled..

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To migrate or not to migrate instances.. Artalley situation 

is allowing that. But the admin refuses to post receipts and or does not have them any longer.. and who awoke today to their post blowing up with very little context and details.. They kind of back tracked..? But.. didn't..? And kind of apologized for jumping the gun and making a public post.. and didn't...? it was very uh.. nonpology-y.. and then the artalley admin responds with just wanting to abandon ship if this couldn't be fixed..

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To migrate or not to migrate instances.. Artalley situation 

From what I've gathered at this point is that an admin from elekk announced they were blocking artalley on allegations that the admin did not handle a user posting images/art of what was alleged to be a minor. I haven't seen these photos, I don't know the details of them either because the admin says they won't be posting receipts.. These are obviously serious accusations, and I don't want to be associated with an instance that---

posting this again bc i moved to a new instance, hi everyone! i'm anna, a visual artist who mostly does digital art and paints. i like to make art about animals, cryptids, and general things inspired by love + tenderness :^) i'm a queer immigrant college student currently based in athens, ga.
i have an etsy (which will reopen at the end of january!), and i post regularly on my tumblr + instagram (links are in my bio). here's some of my recent work! very happy to be here!

After seeing the statements made by both admins:
Are you still planning to migrate instances?
I have been eyeballing Weirder . Earth

artalley, admin stuff 

So last night I saw a toot going around that was tolerating underage nsfw art. I made a toot in response to it (see attached image), where I said I was going to defederate our instance from it, and I advised users to move to another instance.

This toot was originally intended as an admin announcement for users, and as an address to people who follow me from While I was asleep, the toot got a lot of boosts, which was *not* what I wanted or intended.

The strong reaction I had to the possibility that underage porn was being tolerated there was *no doubt* due to the fact that I have seen (and defederated from) several instances where it is tolerated and even encouraged. And it grosses me the fuck OUT.

As an admin and generally quite-online person, I know there's a lot of terrible shit on the interwebs, and there are indeed some horrible fediverse instances that deserve to be defederated from, and I was ready to believe that was another one of those.

I now see that this was a knee-jerk response and I probably should have just waited to see more evidence of not moderating properly (I still haven't seen it). I deleted the toot so that it doesn't go around anymore.

The responsible thing for me to do as admin, I think, is not to instantly smash the defederate button, or even post about smashing the button. I should sleep on it, think about it a little bit, talk with others, and then decide what to do. And I didn't do that. So I'm sorry for any damage my knee-jerk reaction toot did last night.

WITH THAT SAID, I still won't hesitate to defederate from instances where I see underage shit being posted and not taken down, nazi shit, racist shit, harassment, etc etc etc. I don't believe there's anything to be gained by federating with them.

And I am still skeptical of very large instances--that won't change. But it's not healthy or smart for my skepticism to lead me to assume the worst without evidence.

So consider me apologetic for being so hasty and contributing to noise, but also alert and ready to defederate if warranted.

*looks into the camera* Have YOU paid a Black and/or Indigenous person today??

Recommendations for a SW & NSFW art/photos/etc friendly instance? I'm mainly in the art realm but I guess I can post art where ever 🤷‍♂️ just trying to find a new instance to migrate to 😭

After seeing the issues mentioned with artalley... yikes. Yikes. Yiiikes 🙃
I haven't been on much social media at all lately, so I'm late to the game.. and I need to figure out how to change instances I guess 🥴 I wanted to move to anyways.. but it confuses me so I put it off 😩


I'm sorry to say we are no longer federating with due to their stance on porn of underage characters. They also denied that a user posted Nazi symbolism that one of our users reported but has since been deleted.

I'm sorry if you had peers or friends there, but in my mind this is for the safety of the whole userbase.

Drawings of cute rats and ramen, eye contact 

I finished these two 😭 I love procreate so much oh my goooodness! I ordered these as stickers in a small batch to see how they come out 🥺🙏

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