Instagram wont let me post this hentai succubus tattoo but i can post it here so at least SOMEONE will see it.
Mostly healed, only the clouds are fresh. Thanks for looking!
We're doing a male counterpart next time 😌💦

Got some of my merch in for dutch comic con! Pics later? I think so

I've never made myself a cosplay before but i can already feel how stressful it's gonna be

I'm reading a book called Laziness Does Not Exist by Devon Price PhD and I'm sitting here turning pages like Hey wow, not allowing yourself to take a break to relax is really bad, huh😰😰😰 :nervously looks at own self-inflicted work load:

I really gotta proofread my posts before I post them

Also here a sherbet colored skull. Really loving wherever the hell has been happening to my art style lately. Tropic futurism? Idk. It’s more apparent in my flash designs.

you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a giant enemy crab

If you haven't seen Bo Burnham's special 'Inside' you really should.
Like damn it's heavy but it's SO good.

It's rare but once in a while you get a client you really, REALLY don't vibe well with. I never know how to turn down those appointments.

Also I'm selling a bunch of stuff off from my big cartel (link on profile) to clear out my stock.
CSMBTC15 for 15% discount on orders with 2 or more items.
Help me get rid of all these prints!

I make my own hours and I still end up overworking myself. HMU for more self love tips ✨💕💅🙏

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