It's a shame, i have tons of new art and tattoos to post but I really hate spam posting, so I hold back. And then I end up with a bigger backlog.

CW: death, crowdfunding

Figured I'd drop this here, a client of mine is trying to raise money so she can see her grandfather before he passes (living abroad has a lot of drawbacks like that

Consider boosting if you can't donate!

Also got my first imposter/copycat account on IG today so that's not stressful at all

Hip roses from the other day, because sometimes i still make classic tattoos.

Hit the good ol' 6969 followers on IG so that's fun

Just spilled my coffee all over my lap while getting on the train. :perfect:

I know it's kinda a meme to like Bob Ross but my mom had me watch it a ton when I was younger because she wanted to help cultivate my love for art, so it's a very nostalgic thing for me.
The only thing that could have improved the cards was if they put the flavor text quote as "beat the devil out of it"

So my boyfriend got me limited edition lands cards for MTG that have Bob Ross paintings for the art and I legit cried 🥺💕

So I guess a ton of social media services and other online platforms all just shit the bed at once.

So I haven't posted as much lately because lockdown in the NL ended for contact jobs, so I'm working again. RIP.
On the plus side I got to tattoo Bokuto on my friend and I'm so happy about it.

Everything you create contributes to your experience pool, and the greater that pool, the better you'll be. Afraid of finishing something in case you spoil it? Finish anyway. Doesn't matter if you don't like it at the end; you got practice and experience and your next creation will be better. Every mistake is a lesson, every 'failed' piece an exercise in building knowledge and honing skill. Plus, often, the things you don't like will be adored by someone else. We don't all have the same taste <3

The more I realize I have to reschedule people the less I want to go back to work, RIP

Anyway Dutch contact professions can go back to work, so my introvert dream of staying home and making non-client directed art all day is over

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