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i realized i basically have a ton of fursonas and i should get them all down on art


Years ago, furries kept their interests on the down low to avoid ridicule and harassment from society. The fandom is slowly becoming more mainstream, and with that comes media coverage and big corporations looking to cash in on an untapped market. Could all this attention actually be bad for us? And how can we keep our community safe from exploitation and censorship?

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i wont scrap it because ive really gotten lots of positive feedback on it and that makes me happy. but i want to try again from the start, see what i can do further. im so stoked that its been like this, and i would like to say thank you everyone for the faves on it, the boosts, and the comments and an extra special thank you to those that have seen it and believe in me enough to follow me. much love to you, you make my journey all the more worth it.

i think i may halt on the previous wip ive been doing and start on a fresh one, take the things ive learned and go for it again, it actually wont bother me to leave the previous a bit unfinished for now, because im using it as a body of work to improve upon something

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ramble, anxiety, furry 

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got a few things to do around the house today but hoping after i can sit down and take some nice time to either work on more concepts or practice m painting, ive picked up some new tips and id really like to try them out

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i dont like any of the concept sketching things im coming up with


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i forgot to upload the work i did again on the painting i was doing, ill have to format and upload it after a while, been doing errands now gonna chill

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or maybe ill just work on a bunch of hornt sketches when the pen is charged

okay so doing art has been near constant on my mind, however i havent had the time, i thought i was gonna be working on cars again today but it seems im free of that right now... ive been thinking of pulling out some concept sketches and trying my hand at painting style wish me luck!

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