i see the word cub and all i feel is disgust.. and these bastards just say things like "if you dont like it get off my page" kindly put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger you disgusting piece of trash...

no excuse on earth gives you a right to take license and excuse your pedophilia..

Suggesting that if you see @baraag.net users you get rid of it immediately, its full of this disgusting garbage.. "no illegal content" my ass. taking 'artistic license' and giving it a bad name. giving ALL of us a bad name.. its bullshit!

yes.. this crap makes me angry..

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@Draco_Fenris don’t forget to also get rid of anyone you see @pawoo.net

@worthless oh you can bet I will how nice of you to try and come demonize me to your following, where's the bandwagon? You can hide behind your excuses but I mean...you know the reality here...you actually call yourself worthless...you make it about "boohoo don't censor artists" sorry it's illegal because it's wrong and it's sick. Go peddle your bullshit elsewhere better yet...do the world a favor....take a long walk off a really short ledge...

@Draco_Fenris I would never tell you to do the same. I hide behind no excuses, because all fictional drawings are legal in Japan and in other countries around the world too.

Take care.

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