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My passion at the moment is painting forests - this is the first one I ever tried in oil, I still love it a lot because I feel I got the light just right!

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Hi guys, new here! I paint the things that make me happy and kinda keep me alive atm! Super excited to figure this platform out, because Instagram is a capitalist sexist noninclusive hellhole. Anyway here is some nature art. :bubbleheart:

Have some more trees! Featuring: how can I work purple into this piece?
#mastoart #CreativeToots

A very happy new year to all of you!
This is an oil painting I made as a Christmas present. I am very happy with how the moss turned out. Excited to make many more like it!
@aRtwork @art

Edmund Blair Leighton's 1914 painting "My Lady Passeth By" is so rich, lush, and pretty it ranks among my favorites. The flowers are spring-like, and the girl's long blonde hair is just gorgeous.

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #feminine #spring #flowers

Ugh the tusky app is giving me the hardest time adding audio descriptions to images, it crashes. Does this happen to you too?

I finally picked out some references for oil studies. I thought some nature is always nice to look at during these dark days of winter :)
Bonus: my brave Lucia toughing it out with us in an unexpected snowstorm.

I always take lots of photos while painting, so I have been wondering:

With artwork on the internet, do you enjoy seeing progress pictures or would you rather just see the finished piece?

I painted this little garden for my Mum for Christmas, but couldn't give it to her yet because of Corona. Wtf is 2020, can I please exit. Hope you guys enjoy!

Plantes et champignons 

Hier je me suis baladée et j'ai vu des jolies plantes, des champignons et surtout beaucoup de mousses !

Sunset over calm ocean. Red, blue and black ballpoint pen. In my shop.

Snow falling on a boardwalk at night. Quiet little paffs as the flakes touch down. Dark blue fountain pen on cream card.

Birch trees. The highlights, including the trunks, are white gel. Details are black gel. All on light grey paper.

This is a little gouache painting I made for my favourite sister, one of the trees has a heart with her name carved into it :) the little shrines somehow turned out more western house than I was going for, but it's still cute.

A more season appropriate painting of mine, I'm pretty happy with how the water (my greatest weakness) turned out. I wish there was snow here! How are your holidays going?

Hey you people, just wanted to leave a quick happy holidays for all of you! I hope wherever and however you are spending this time you feel safe and loved! :bubbleheart:

This year has been a tough one, so even if today isn't the greatest day for you as it isn't for me, there are better things ahead. Much love!

hello / time ?? ✨

my name is fiona (she/her), I’m a 20 year old artist from sydney, aus, & I’m currently studying fine arts majoring in painting and drawing!

my fav mediums are oils and gouache, but I also love print making, embroidery and sketchbooking. I print and embroider on shirts & totes that I sell along with my prints/stickers etc.!!

keen to meet some lovely art pals on here! 💗
posting my from insta coz I guess it’s fitting for an intro🤷🏻‍♀️

Can you tell I'm in love with trees? An oil painting on wood panel I did a while ago, still learning to handle the medium. Very open for any honest advice!

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