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I don't think I ever outright said this so I want to make it clear.

If you refer to trans/intersex/NB characters as "tr*ps", "c*ntboys", "f*tas" or any other slur;

If you identify as a TERF or align with their beliefs;

If you are aphobic, transphobic, or sexist in any way;

You are not welcome here and I don't want your time or attention. If you DO follow me despite this, I'll block you, simple as that!

(Continued in thread)

MOre smut bc that's just how it is!

Ellis gets to be shy this time bc I Say So

NSFW OC art 

I have a disease that makes me draw horny ocs LMAO

These are au versions of Matteo and Ellis, based on an OC-tober prompt for like...yesterday or the day before? The premise is that they swap roles/personalities, so Matteo gets to be the stoic, bi and confused detective while Ellis is the happily out, overly friendly guy just doin' his thing. :3c

Their bedroom dynamic doesn't really change in either case, it just means Matteo gets to be more shy about it LMAO

...When you enjoy the possession dream. :3 A piece about spiraling trust, surrender and benevolent darkness. It's a very complicated emotion...I am not sure I managed to depict it well. 😅

Honesty Is Hot ™️

Matteo asking Ellis to pin him down during sex and Ellis Happily agreeing to do exactly that

This is as close to a comic as I can seem to get but yknow its good eNOUGH

NSFW implied but not explicit!

The inspiration from this one came from an olllld pic I saw on tumblr like ages and ages ago LMAO

It just SCREAMED them at me so here we are

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This isn't actually explicit aside from the titty and the dry humping (done jokingly)

Julia and Matteo have a uniquely close but not really Intimate In That Way relationship so sometimes when they're being stupid friends together they do shit like this

They don't actually *do* anything together, bc they're both uninterested, but joking about it? Oh Of COURSE.


Julia and Erin doing the fucc ™️ bc I need to draw my ladies doing stuff more often!!

My wife and I were talking about an au and this just sort of Happened?


It's pretty tame as far as porn goes :tinking:

What’s this? More porn! What a shocker.

Ft. Blake/Syrin with choking and violence, and Matteo/Ellis with some blowjobs :+1:

i've had to be inactive again since i had to start physiotherapy for my wrist soon after my abdominal surgery. i haven't been able to draw/work at all and it's been quite frustrating.

had to pause my patreon as well so i'll be going without my january income, which isn't great.

i'm not in a dire situation, but if you enjoy my work and can spare a few bucks:

Long time no post! Some doodles 👍
Normal Matteo and Ellis and then some AU Harpy! Blake and Syrin gettin' it

Riley, Blake, and Syrin having some more fun together :3c

It's been awhile since I drew them!

This is the only way I could share this bondage piece I did for an art trade w/ my sister :Va

The final version had a nicer purple background and was a better resolution but I guess having it scaled down 50% is the only way it'll share, go figure

Character belongs to my sister Anokidoll on twitter!

For some reason I can't upload images at all??? rip me I guess, all I'm getting is "500" as a pop up near the bottom of my screen

a of an art trade I'm doing w/ my sister of one of her ocs :>

guys bondage is hard

I should reiterate, she is a demigirl transwoman so please don't use transphobic slurs when referring to her, thanks!

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