Just some birbs on the beach (reference photo from watercolor class teacher)

Last month, I started sketching scenes from shows I’m watching (selected a still I liked after watching an episode and spent ~25 mins to an hour drawing it)

Still have much to learn, but seeing improvement between the first and most recent sketch is pretty motivating!

First is from ‘When the Camellia Blooms’, and today’s is from ‘The Innocent Man’

Most complicated piece painted in watercolor so far…

Got quite frustrated in the beginning, proud of powering through, and just happy it’s finally done 😭

Watercolor teacher brought some fruits to class for us to paint

Tried bolder colors and a realistic approach this time!

Did the “chair exercise” from the ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ book

Didn’t have an interesting enough chair so drew the kitties’ cat tree instead 😸

A Day In The Life of an Illustrator

Episode 12 of 3PP discusses the pros and cons of life as an illustrator: svslearn.com/3pointperspective

Lee White and Will Terry talk about the book illustration side, while Jake Parker recounts his experiences in the entertainment side (animation studio & TV)

Worth the listen for all who are interested in becoming an illustrator!

Recent watercolor practice 🖌️ : worked on brush control, layering, & color mixing. Also added some "texture" to the background with a purple pastel pencil

Been taking nature drawing classes at the local art center too. In the last class, the task was to draw water. I chose a personal photo taken from a local nature preserve

Started taking watercolor painting classes at a local art center! This past week was landscape painting; subject matter: salt marshes

Tried out new techniques such as softening and adding grass with "cut-up" brushes. Also learning to work faster and practice timing with wet-on-wet 🖌️

"Perfectionism starts and ends with - I am not enough"

Savvy Painter's podcast episode on perfectionism has a wealth of helpful advice on learning how to break free from the trap of perfection: savvypainter.com/how-to-stop-p

Perfectionism, along with the fear it feeds on, has been one of my main personal struggles. Hearing others open up about dealing with this same issue themselves has been both incredibly reassuring and encouraging ☺️

Progress pics of the last lesson of the watercolor course (bit.ly/3ruvqzc). Now officially done! 🎉

Learned so much and excited to keep going with this medium 🖌️

Almost finished with the watercolor Udemy course (bit.ly/3ruvqzc)

More practice and happy to see some improvement with graded & variegated washes! Also started learning about glazing :sunnaYay:

"Should you do fanart?"

Episode five of 3 Point Perspective podcast tackles this fairly divisive question (bit.ly/2R0fcl1)

I've previously done fanart so it was interesting to hear different views on what qualifies as good (legal) fanart and if artists should do it

If you haven't heard of 3 Point Perspective, it's a podcast where 3 illustrators: Will Terry, Lee White, & Jake Parker, talk about various illustration topics. Check it out!

Learning watercolor through another Udemy course (bit.ly/3ruvqzc) in tandem with drawing. Current lesson: variegated and graded washes

I'd like to redo these again at the end of the course to gauge progress!

Mike Hendley's The Drawing Inspiration Podcast has been a great source of information and knowledge from many of today's artists

The latest episode features Eric Messinger (bit.ly/3cmzvkN). I've only started my art journey so it's reassuring to hear Eric talk about the myth of talent

If you're looking for a new podcast to listen to, give this one a try!

Hair is fun to draw! It’s just as expressive as faces~😁

Now going through a Udemy drawing course by Grant Abbitt (bit.ly/38Wa3Ao) and learning how to start with basic shapes then adding details after to create characters and hair

Hello all! I'm Eve~👋

Last month, I decided to pursue art full-time. Today, I joined Mastodon to journal my progress, learn from other artists, and just...enjoy this process!

My journey started with Puño's Domestika course, and yesterday, I submitted my final project:


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