If people trying to reach out to me, I cannot see it, I loaded page and for a second saw where I had 16 notifications, but after page loaded none...could of been a 'fluke'...who knows, but now days, so much behind the scenes stuff occurs, nothing is organic anymore like the old days of social media.

Meet the newest member or patient of the Zone's institution of higher adult autistic learning and free expression...twylightzone.boards.net/thread

If survivalist type, why 'air guns' as in pellet gun, may be better option for you if trying to live off the grid...read more here...globalinsanity.earth/fire-arms

Do gay or Lesbian or LGBTQ ghosts exists?...I mean if people are 'that' in real life, why wouldn't they be 'that' while in ghostly form????

More and more the voice of the 'common' person, online, is being 'muted' by the 'traffic cartel'...online traffic cartel...it's sickening when you think about it...twylightzone.boards.net/thread

It's not the evil person who is poor, that scares me, rather it's the evil person who is wealthy, and has influence over others, that scares me the most...jupiter88.boards.net/thread/13

What's the point of marriage anymore when everyone seems to get divorced after 10 years or so, and lately there's been a ton of billionaire divorces, Melinda and Bill Gates being the most recent...50-plus-realities.boards.net/t

I really wish black women, particulalry those living in the South East of U.S., would learn how to take care of their feet...thecaigeshow.boards.net/thread

If could be a 'W' 19 year old 'twink' or Androgynous type for one day, or a week, how would life change for 'you'?...Podcast episode discusses this plausibility...mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/pxaf4h

Do bulky feared 'black guys' sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a thin 'W' twink for a day?...would the world treat you differently?...twylightzone.boards.net/thread

Do religious people stir up spirits by being religious?...listen to 'Paranormal Saturday' Podcast and decide for yourself...spreaker.com/episode/44612623

Are 'Whites' allowed to love self like others??..read and decide, but if a sausage dog wink, don't read...cause following info is 'real world stuff'...you've been warned sausage flavoured whatever...twylightzone.boards.net/thread

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