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Finally getting to move out into a new flat after about three months of being quarantined at my Dad's apartment. I honestly can't wait for the solitude and personal space, and hopefully I can start being more productive again.

Anyway, here's some scribbles.

Dibujo que empecé hace una semana en twitch y lo terminé anoche en youtube xD

Todos los domingos 00:00 (arg) voy a estar haciendo livestreams dibujando por Youtube (Dejo el link de mi canal en mi bio)

El domingo 21 a las 00:00 (argentina) voy a estar dibujando por 😄 ✌️

Doodles based on the first Castlevania for the NES. I tried to keep the designs as close to the original sprites as I could. (2/2)

Doodles based on the first NES Castlevania. I tried to keep the designs as close to the original sprites as I could. (1/2)

Ahora, el único streamer de Twitch que miraba regularmente solo permite verlo en 1080p60fps... Ya no puedo verlo con mi shitty laptop... fuck my life...

We redesigned the landing page, it will be rolling out in the next release!

Some highlights:

- Cleaner Design
- Easy Customization
- Timeline Preview
- Instance Stats
- Feature list
- Improved register process + spam detection
- New Discover Feature

and much more! #pixelfed

Artalley estubo muerto ayer? no me cargaba la pagina... 🤔

tenia problemas cargando varias websites, talvez era cosa de mi internet o mi laptop... :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin:

⚠️ PSA - Pixelfed Admins 🚨

We understand some Pixelfed admins may be considering closing down instances due to financial strain from #COVID19

If you need help to maintain your service, please email hello @ and we will do our best to help.

If you would like to sponsor an instance, feel free to get in touch via that email as well.

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