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- IS complicated
- IS NOT "almost impossibly" complicated
- DOES NOT support searchability that twitter users expect
- SHOULD NOT support the searchability twitter users expect, because that's not the point

nearly everybody who writes about mastodon says "I couldn't find ..."

The tip is, if you want to k ow something, ASK about it instead of being mad there isn't a global search feature because that's really not what masto is about

Not only is the UI more cleaner but results will be rendered based on context.

Collections, Discover Categories, Loops, Places, Remote Post and Webfinger search will also be supported 😉

#pixeldev #fromThisToThis

Hello everyone!! My name is Sonia and Im an illustrator/painter from Texas. Im eggcited in meeting new artists and sharing my art with you! ☺️
#intro #introduction #mastoart

Premier poste de 2020!
J’espère que les fêtes de fin d’années ce sont bien passé pour vous. Je me sens rouillé à cause de la pause vacances mais on s’y remet ^^
#mastoart #creativetoot #art #frenchartist #illustration

¿Has probado Mastodon y vas un poco perdido, te aburre, tienes pocos contactos?

✋🏼 STOP 🛑

¡Lo estás usando mal!

Déjame que te lo explique

Recuerden que #Facebook y #Twitter Son antes que nada grandes empresas Estadounidenses que siempre toman posición política y manipulan su contenido de acuerdo a la línea que tienen.

En ellas la información no fluye libremente y por lo tanto es el peor lugar para buscar informarse.

Por favor no me vengan a decir qué pensar de #Iran o #EUA basado en las noticias o trending hashtags de TW . o FB

Vivan las Redes Libres, Vivan las líneas de contenido cronológicas y sin manipulaciones como las que gozamos aquí.


Stories will be rolling out soon, we want you to be aware of some limitations:

- Share up to 10 Stories/day

- Photos Only (jpeg/png, video later)

- Local Only (Federation support is delayed so we can work with Pleroma and other projects on a shared schema)

- Followers Only (Public Stories later)

#pixelfed #stories

Finished the last todo item for Stories, lets ship it 🚀 #pixelfed

Ayer fue el cumpleaños número 100 de uno de los mejores (y mi favorito) autores de ciencia ficción, Isaac Asimov. 💖🤖👽🚀🛸💖

Since I'm not able to keep my Patreon brimming with content, here's some NSFW pin-up rewards from last year featuring Rune from my comic.

I love pin-up art and there's a bit more of NSFW pieces in storage that I plan to post later, let's start 2020 with this and we'll see where we end up by the end of the year 😳

#pinup #nsfw #oc #ocart #OriginalCharacter #boobies #butt

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