Final Design of my centaur Cleric Zorya who I am to play for the first time now on Saturday. It will be fun.

What I did to figure out the design for my D&D Character, The centaur Cleric Zorya. I'm still pretty bad at this. This is one of many reasons to why I take forever to upload anything.

First draft of designing my own player character for a D&D game. Her name is Zorya and she is a Cleric Mule-Centaur

Doodle file I've used to warm up/just doodle -something- Hoblinoids, Tabaxi, couple elves and a human.

The trio of PC "Birds of Prey" that I DM for. Their party name is because Pip is an Aarakocra (Raven), Bird's name is Tiptoeing hummingbird so bird is in her name, and Harry the human is a warlock of the Raven Queen and has raven familiars. It was a happy little coincidence. The pose is from one of those "Draw your squad like this" pictures that has been floating around the internet for a while now.

Tiptoeing hummingbird is my hubby's character. The Bard of the party I'm DMing for. She's very cute. :)

practising anthro art. and backgrounds, and lightning. A mother I might use as a character.

Because of health reason's I haven't been able to draw much the last couple of months.
The illustration: The PCs of the campaign I'm DMing; Pip the kenku, Harry the human and Bird the Tabaxi. Harry lost a bet and Pip got to choose his haircut.

A NPC for my campaign (Tabaxi Barbarian). I'm terrible with anthro characters but I'm kind of satisfied with the clothes/amour design. Roaring Thunder is a cutie but I didn't do his face justice also how do you tag this stuff?

Ok let's put up some art here shall we? (Am I doing this right?) I also don't have a set style you might notice.

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