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Double post today. And I'll start with something of most importance...
A few weeks back, I finished a oneshot, a concept of a comic series I would like to work with. So far, I can only link this on the tumblr post I did, but I would appreciate if you anyone could give feedback on it. Thanks
(Oh, and a little cover I did for it)

A friend streammed NMH2, and after that, I began to just bench on more No More Hero audio goodness.
So, here I decided to do this!

Wish I had more time to work more on this... But hey! I'm still excited for SMT: Nocturne on switch!
Now where's the love for DDS, dammit...

Right, I've been working a private commission for the week.
But while waiting for some responses, I doodle something regarding my project.
Yes... These are policemen with jetpacks.

Welp, I need something chill to do after all the hype.
So here's some Hylics things.
Characters belong to @masonlindroth

So, I was thinking... Do any of you know a good place to publish a comic?
I only know Medibang, Tapaz and Webtoons...

Already starting to feel like going back to my cyberpunk stuff... and to enter the groove, I made this Cyberpunk2077 fanart.
Yeah, not that big of a story.

So watching the new Crash Bandicoot 4 trailer made me realise something: The new designs are literally made from the 90's.
They literally made me think of that Sonic Adventure pose.
Thus I quickly doodled it up. You're welcome.

Got to play with Protea. She's SO fun, but don't play as her while listening to "Virtual Insanity" or else you'll suffer NOT be able to do this.

It's late. Not my usual timing.
I don't care.
This is a little something I just did to calm my nervs from... everything.
It's an oc of something I was working on before all the commissions came my way.
(Been a while since I used markers...)

I've seen the new play station 5 and... Ok, it might be rough, but I HAD to make it a robot. Because why not.

Ok, I TRY not to be political in this site. If at all... And I won't be.
But I want you all to be safe, the thugs mixed in the protests can be extremely dangerous, so please do what you can to protect yourselfs.
My God, 2020 IS the end of the world as we know it...

Well, I finally did it! With the lovely style of Kaneko's style used in Digital Devil Saga. (God, that game needs more love, specially with Persona being this popular...)

Just finished a big commission...
And while my client asked to remain anonymous, they at least gave me permision to show off the best one of the batch: Devil Trigger Doggo.

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Street of Rage 4 is out... So why not make tribute to the male protagonist of the series?
Because look at THAT BEARD! MMF!

Street of Rage 4 is out... So why not make tribute to the male protagonist of the series?
Because look at THAT BEARD! MMF!

This is a wierd commission I did for @Volraan on twitter .
I loved making this, and thankfully no one got hurt by the ultimate power that is the baguette.

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