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Double post today. And I'll start with something of most importance...
A few weeks back, I finished a oneshot, a concept of a comic series I would like to work with. So far, I can only link this on the tumblr post I did, but I would appreciate if you anyone could give feedback on it. Thanks
(Oh, and a little cover I did for it)

And here it is, the final raffle art won by @academicthicc on twitter.

Congratulations, and thank you all who participated in the raffle!

Been a bit busy with commissions. So I couldn't do something... more detailed.
Shrike, from Zeurel's upcomming pillow "Monkey Wrench"

When a bug can be a nice inspiration for a skin.

Yes, I like Godfall, shortcomings and all.


a little comic I made for @SumiPandaCh [email protected]

Yeah, vtubers. But they are friends and I kinda laughed at this scenario.

Amazing music, great visuals, funny cameos.
I suck at the game, but I still love it.

First PROPER First proper post of the year... And it’s a redraw of an old piece of mine I did on 2016.

I got myself a milestone!
I'm so thankfull for everyone of you. For real...

Iceborn did something really bizarre, giving us 2 quests linked to the movie...

Well, I just had this silly joke after playing them. I thought they it was pretty funny...

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