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Double post today. And I'll start with something of most importance...
A few weeks back, I finished a oneshot, a concept of a comic series I would like to work with. So far, I can only link this on the tumblr post I did, but I would appreciate if you anyone could give feedback on it. Thanks
(Oh, and a little cover I did for it)

Well, I finally did it! With the lovely style of Kaneko's style used in Digital Devil Saga. (God, that game needs more love, specially with Persona being this popular...)

Just finished a big commission...
And while my client asked to remain anonymous, they at least gave me permision to show off the best one of the batch: Devil Trigger Doggo.

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Street of Rage 4 is out... So why not make tribute to the male protagonist of the series?
Because look at THAT BEARD! MMF!

Street of Rage 4 is out... So why not make tribute to the male protagonist of the series?
Because look at THAT BEARD! MMF!

This is a wierd commission I did for @Volraan on twitter .
I loved making this, and thankfully no one got hurt by the ultimate power that is the baguette.

@RealDrOblivion in twitter
commissioned me to make this Elf Rogue Pirate!
I had fun doing it, and I hope you enjoy it!

Ok, I will admit it. I've been playing some FF14 in this month...

Why is it SO good...
So anyways, Deathclaw mount. The most hilarious mount in the game.

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So, what happens when you are working on a commission while hearing the soundtrack of GuiltyGear ?
Why you draw something related even when your arm hurts and stay late until 2 am!
So here's some Sol Badguy.

This may be a little late. But here it is! My addition!
Thank you all for contributing your character proposals to make this posible.

There is digi-nudes. 

In the mist of organizing the six fanarts, plus maybe another thing... I decided to make a little easter pic.
Happy egg hunting everyone. But do it in hell, because why not, right?

This is a cover I made for Kathey Royal's sixth book in her The Dragoso Series.
You should check it out right here while you're at it, maybe you'll find a new favorite indie book.

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One of the things that goes into the genere of Cyberpunk, most of the time, if not always, it's a sense of dread, of danger at every minute.
So I went with the most strong, violent color we all know, Red, to make this piece based on an idea I'm currently developing.

Bleach is celebrating it's 20th aniversary, and thus I did this to conmemorate one of the series that inspired me to draw manga in the first place.

Naked pokemon. Be aware. 

This is the SFW version of @ultimateodst7 (on twitter) 's Dusteon.
He made me do a battle medic... Wich was really neat.

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