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Double post today. And I'll start with something of most importance...
A few weeks back, I finished a oneshot, a concept of a comic series I would like to work with. So far, I can only link this on the tumblr post I did, but I would appreciate if you anyone could give feedback on it. Thanks
(Oh, and a little cover I did for it)

Not exactly a videogame... But I always wanted to try make some gorefield content.

Ok, this week's piece is all about a little cult classic: Rule of Rose.
Where the horrors of bullying and psicological abuse are show in it's most symbolic state.
Creepy stuff...

Ok, so it's spooky month, so to keep things in spirit, every week, I'll do a fanart of a horror game.
Starting with this one: OFF.
Lovely classic RPG, right?

This one came a little later than I wanted.
Whatevs, I here's some Godfall fanart.
What can I say? I'm hyped!

Having no power on my stylus nor my arm, makes have to post a small doodle I made while in between commissions.
Maybe I'll do something tomorrow, or next week.

Ok, new tawna design.
My theory of this being a 90's cartoon, and not like a Looney Toons style like before, is true.
Oh well. I like me some nice action women.

No matter the lore behind an almost all powerfull dragon... if you put a cat in the mix you make it adorable.

This is a way to cope that the great Monster Hunter World will get it's final update.
Don't judge.

Well, I needed a creative break from the commissions...
So after seeing @bugmeyer's works on twitter, well... I can say I was inspired.
Oof... I really needed this. Even if it's a bit rough.

I totally forgot today was friday, and I am being busy with commissions...
But, I came prepared:

A friend streammed NMH2, and after that, I began to just bench on more No More Hero audio goodness.
So, here I decided to do this!

Wish I had more time to work more on this... But hey! I'm still excited for SMT: Nocturne on switch!
Now where's the love for DDS, dammit...

Right, I've been working a private commission for the week.
But while waiting for some responses, I doodle something regarding my project.
Yes... These are policemen with jetpacks.

Welp, I need something chill to do after all the hype.
So here's some Hylics things.
Characters belong to @masonlindroth

So, I was thinking... Do any of you know a good place to publish a comic?
I only know Medibang, Tapaz and Webtoons...

Already starting to feel like going back to my cyberpunk stuff... and to enter the groove, I made this Cyberpunk2077 fanart.
Yeah, not that big of a story.

So watching the new Crash Bandicoot 4 trailer made me realise something: The new designs are literally made from the 90's.
They literally made me think of that Sonic Adventure pose.
Thus I quickly doodled it up. You're welcome.

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