Just wanted to share a quick Jerico sketch dump with ya'll and wish my crazy cat happy birthday. Probably going to eventually clean at least four of these five up, maybe I'll clean the bottom right one up too. Draw the squad memes and sexies, perfectly sums up Jerico in a nutshell, crazy and wants his boys 24/7. Hard to believe, but Jerico had been with me over a year now! Anyway, need to get to bed, but enjoy!

I only found out National Horny Day is April 16th this morning so I really can only offer you guys this unfinished of . Wonder how twitter is gonna drop this?

I promised you bara tiddies and a keyhole sweater dress and yeah, it happened! I do have a sketch dump planned for this little thing because dammit I have a whole idea behind this! For now, enjoy Caine being very annoyed and very flustered.
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Currently operating on three hours of sleep each night for the last three and my undying need to draw Caine's in a keyhole sweater dress. Quarantine is slowly driving me to madness.

Koy is so enjoy the startling realization they aren't tattoos at all but glowly magic markings. (Disclaimer: glowing during sex is not normal you should really get that checked out Sloane)

This was entirely self induglent while dealing with the monthly curse and a fucking sinus infection and only getting a few hours sleep. It made my day manageable. I will be trying to get more NSFW out to you guys, I do intend to make this one into a painted sketch as well.

Been meaning to post this here, just slow. Another few posts coming at some point in the near future.

Hiiii!! This is my first post here.

This is my OC Yuyunna. She's an Oni. *The illustration is kinda provocative, so just in case I marked this post as sensitive :D Enjoy

Jerico is not amused. Jerico thinks you should start running now.

Wanted to do a kind of digital painting with my fav stoner cat, so here we are.

"Sloane..." Kassian bit his boyfriend's name out through gritted teeth. "Make one more innuendo before we get home and I swear to you the only hole you are getting is six feet deep by three feet wide."

Jerico refuses to shower alone. Why should he, they can uh... save water this way. Yeah... totally selfless, eco-conscious Jerico. He's totally not just trying to get a quicky in the shower.

Requests for Nepeta of their Anthro Tiger and Metanoia of their Dark Mage
Raspberry Β© Nepeta (pillowfort.social/Nepeta)
Selhial Arringstad Β© Metanoia (pillowfort.social/Metanoia)
Art Β© Lady Koyote

Some StarrkSui since I'm unable to draw my own OCs right now cause Art Block and there's just not enough StarrkSui

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