Hello! My name is Lora and I like to draw friendly monsters, looking forward to seeing everyone’s great art!

@Lora_ChauDavis these are the cutest gorgon soap bubbles I have ever seen :blobmelt:

@Lora_ChauDavis Hello Lora! These monsters are so cute??? Can monsters be still monsters, even if they're friendly, heh... :owi: I love the soft colors! :bubbleheart:

@Lora_ChauDavis oh these are some cuties! Looking forward to seeing more of your art style 😊

@Lora_ChauDavis hellooo pls ping me if you ever want to do comissions for profile avatars? :>

@elilla heckyeah I do! Feel free to DM me with what you have in mind when you are ready!

@Lora_ChauDavis these are just the cutest. Made my day a little brighter! Thanks!

@Lora_ChauDavis hi Lora, welcome! These are such lovely monsters!

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