Watched a short series on youtube called Kin Fables and got v inspired by the visuals. :O This is entirely out of my comfort zone, I attempted to do a paint just listening to the music.

Demon OC, He named himself King he's not at all royalty but he likes the way it sounds.
He's just a little bit radioactive, just a tiiiiiny bit

"All this feels strange and untrue And I won't waste a minute without you"

(Marked sensitive for spoilers)

Redraw of hot druid girl Tim, she was an accident last year but I'm still very happy with her design.
That design also meaning her tiddies are the size I want them to be for whatever drawing she's in.

It's been a while since I've drawn some SA boys :3c
Pacas and Maragogype with the sharp fingers -v-

Rich about to take a bite outta Kalua's ass =v=

Kalua by Dualomniblades

Patrons voted this month's pack to be Edd boy =v= Pack will have 4 versions (including this one) 4kx6k res ^^

Me: make an adopt
Me once I'm done: U know what, not selling this one.

He's a moon dancer and he stole a piece of the heavens to light his way in the dark.

On the move testing out my 'travel' set up ^^ I'll have to see at home if the colors are any good 👀💦

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