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Loosing myself on Waneella tumblr while listening to "Kodomotachi" from Susumu Yokota is quite an experience. Made me think about your art. Now I want to draw something about being in the zone at 3AM in the early 2K's.

art: shorturl.at/adwPQ
track: shorturl.at/jsuF0

Doing another Queen's Blade fan art to build my future Patreon page sounds fun, but I'm a bit indecisive...any help? :)

⚠️ Those characters are NSFW if you want to google.

NSFW, Nudity 

Once somebody told me how I was lucky because I had a passion to give my life meaning (drawing and creating).

Obviously this person didn't know the pain of having a passion but no time for it because having to work a BS full-time job.


NSFW Nudity 

NSFW Consentacles 

...When you enjoy the possession dream. :3 A piece about spiraling trust, surrender and benevolent darkness. It's a very complicated emotion...I am not sure I managed to depict it well. 😅

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