lingerie month day 7: bridal 🕊️

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this month is in the sign of ! day one, floral 🌺

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@tyinneart hey, love your work. I am a writer and was thinking it might be cool to collaborate with a visual artist for some of my stories. I am finishing a novel (science fiction) but want to write more short stories. I am interested in writing about witches, demons, and supernatural creatures.

I just launched my website here:

My first two fiction pieces are versions of the same story:

Let me know if you want to talk.

Looking for feedback and input on my latest essay:

Or if you want to discuss the ideas and thoughts!

@curator I am encouraging a fellow artist to join, but she said the art alley mastodon page says, "invite only"

Can you advise? Thanks!

Promotional photo I took for The Femme Project to help promote her film: the erotic drama. I love this photo.

Want to know more, check out her website:

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