"Nekroswing" tees are now available!

This was a collaboration between The House Of Ill Repute (IG: @la_des_thoir) and myself, created as an adaptation of "The Swing" painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

1st color variant available is in sport grey tees with black inks, silkscreen printed by InkSpit Rats!

Keep in mind that u can get FREE SHIPPING if you order 3 t-shirts or more, by using the code 3TFREE at checkout!


I had the pleasure to collaborate with The House Of Ill Repute on an adaptation of "The Swing", originally by Jean-Honoré Fragonard!

Here's a small detail from this project, more info on this real soon! Keep an eye out.. . .

"Sojourn" Artist's Proofs are AVAILABLE NOW in my store:

Silkscreen printed metallic bronze inks on 50x70 cm | 20"x28", 250 gsm uncoated black paper. Limited to 5 prints, signed & numbered!

A little update on one of the two projects I am currently working on. This one will be my half of a collaborative project that's in the works, more info soon.. . .

A little to a while ago, when I was starting out this piece as album artwork for Zebu's "Reek of the Parvenu".

Hey people!
New vid is up! It took a while to upload a new one, but I felt I had to up my game a bit. Hopefully the next one will hit my channel real soon!



A little work in progress pic from 2020.. or 2019..don't really know, kinda lost track of time.

You can check the progress of this one in a carousel post on my insta:

Ahoy people!
I got an offer thingy going on in my store:

Get 30% of on any order of €50 or more by using the code FEB2021 at checkout!

Valid until Feb 15th 12:00 (noon) GMT!

Thanks and take care!

So I got a YouTube channel with some sort-of pen & ink time lapse videos, feel free to check if it's your thing:

Not much content yet, but more will come!


Hey people!

This one is a detail from a project that basically consumed most of my time in 2020. Made it as cover artwork for Zebu's "Reek Of The Parvenu" upcoming Lp, but I'll make some prints out of it surely.. . .

Thanks for all the boosts & follows etc.. Not sure yet if & how I can respond to each one. Cheers!

Had these "PlagueDoctress" t-shirts made a while back and I'm planning to discontinue them from my shop.

I got a few left, around 6 or 7, on a low price, so check them out if you dig one:


A work in progress pic from an illustration I did around 2 years ago.. . .

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