"Magic Sword."

Tried some experimental things with this one! Process gif of this will be available to $7 patrons at the end of the month. $3 patrons will have access to the Hi-res file.

Oh by the way, My Commissions are open! Base price is $65, and can go up based on things like intricate armor or backgrounds. If interested, please email me at [email protected]
Upfront payment through PayPal invoice only!

"Ha! If only you knew the truth, Foolish Samurai!"

All text and textless hi-res images, including Ahegao, are up on Patreon for $3+ patrons (6 images total), or for a $5 purchase on Gumroad!

Another reward sketch for a $10 tier Patron: Jewelry Bonney from One Piece! This one was so god damn fun

Reward sketch for a $10 tier Patron: Honami Ichinose!

Patreon voted girl of the month is Adult!Ino. Alt versions including nude and vibrator are available to $3+/mo patrons, as well as a set purchase on gumroad for $5.


In my defense, this was for a friend sick with the flu. Let it be known that I don't default to lewding Gudetama in my spare time.

? sure let's tag it that

Hey, just lettin' y'all know that I opened a patreon!


My first patron only post is a series of sexy designs for my true love Ikra, but I'm posting the free nude version here! <3

Sorry for the spam y'all! I haven't
been here in a while ^^;

"You wanna 'smash'? Well, If smashin' involves my bat and your face, then I'm all for it!"

Her name is BB and she mugs people 😊

"Oh! You're quite the hands-on type of man, aren't you Samurai Jack?"

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