My name is Namiin! I'm an artist+writer with a love for the surreal, the erotic, and the romantic. 💞

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Father/daughter incest 


I also draw cute dragon boys in curious circumstances, for the people who've paid for the pleasure~

(Thanks again, DrnLr13 @ Twitter and SaerroFox @ Twitter! ♥)

Maybe you heard somewhere that I illustrate Xenomorph erotica? It's been a long time since I've done that; but I can say for certain I plan to in the future. I've certainty /written/ erotica of the alien variety fairly recently!

Wanna chat, get updates in real time, access my entire archive of art and writing from 2015 to now, and see doodles and story snippets that don't make it to the public?

I have a discord server set up for anyone who subscribes to me on Subscribe Star! ♥


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