A finished simple illustration for the most patient and generous derg I've ever met, DrnLr13 @ Twitter! ♥Thank you so much for having me draw your adorable dragon, I had a ton of fun!

"With me. Where you belong."

Their eyes met, and Ila was positive she saw embers ignite in the darkness set there. It made her heart race, it made her head fuzzy, it made her skin ache.
Modern/human/demon!AU that's slowly being chipped away at, haha. Ila is mine, her father/lover Idris is my husband's ♥

In this modern/human!AU, Ila grows up as a completely normal person; though she's always searching for something. After her last living relative passes away, she cleans out the attic for an estate sale... And finds a book she's never seen before.

With the book, she summons a sharply dressed man named Idris. Through a long game of cat and mouse, she discovers he's anything but human, and that she isn't as human as she appears, either.

Ila is mine, her father/lover Idris is my husband's!

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Maybe you heard somewhere that I illustrate Xenomorph erotica? It's been a long time since I've done that; but I can say for certain I plan to in the future. I've certainty /written/ erotica of the alien variety fairly recently!

Maybe not a fan of the above? I'm also the artist that's done all that Beauty and the Beast erotica everyone's so fond of!

I want to completely rework the story and these illustrations in the future; I have very big ideas I'd like to see come to fruition, with a little help. ♥

I also draw cute dragon boys in curious circumstances, for the people who've paid for the pleasure~

(Thanks again, DrnLr13 @ Twitter and SaerroFox @ Twitter! ♥)

Father/daughter incest 


My name is Namiin! I'm an artist+writer with a love for the surreal, the erotic, and the romantic. 💞

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