Since we can hide picture here and use TW more easily, I think I'm gonna post my NSFW here too. :blobmelt:

I will prevent everyone with tw and blur option to be sure everyone will be confortable with it ! :bubbleheart:

[ Vent ]

The most recent vent art and older ones. I often very like how I work on vent art even if the subject isn't very happy 🌺

Refsheet for one of my adopted child Sencha ! :bubbleheart:
Original design by PAND-ASS (Deviantart) :blobmelt:

Recently, I worked on a "Big Cat" version of myself. It was not easy for me to find right pattern and colors, but I love the result èué

THEN tonight I did this and feel very happy with it 💙

Last stream works !

● x2 Busts for Chrysadopts (DA)
● Sketch gift for SilenLynx (Twitter)
● Cheer up Sketch for @kellerfuchs

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