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Hi, just trying to figure shit out on here, testing the waters to see if this can be a nice place to post now that the Tumblr has Crumblr.

Have a tshirt design i did. because i'm a kaiju sympathizer.

ive been drawing a lot of tum lately, sorry not sorry.

this is mild, you see no bits.

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i think this is gonna be the only place i put this for now.

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. * * .🌙 * . * ☄️.
* . 🌍 * . * 💫 *
. * . That’s how * . *
it be on this bitch
* . * of an earth * . *
. . * ✨ . * . * *
* . . . * 🌕 .
* 🌕 . . * ⭐️ * . *

ohshit i just passed 200 followers on here ::O

im trying to find some style to draw these two science idiots in but im not entirely happy.

Dongle on display

Hi, i got in a mood and drew a lewd cat with big toys

Big ol female presenting nipnops

some more art from my tumble, a friends character who is a big soft mom

Some chibi commissions with pooltoys i did this summer(might have been summer i have no sense of time anymore) i drew Grun first, sort of as an example, that's why his tentas are coloured in instead of the floatie.

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Hey guys, i hit 100 fallowers on here and like i promised, im doing a little raffle!
Heres how its gonna work:
-1 star is one entry
-1 entry per account
-Fallowers only
-Humanoid characters only plz (i suck at furry stuff)
-Will be a flat colored sketch

The winner will be announced on monday, december 17th, 2018, so good luck and happy boosting!

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