Time for some old art.
This is a catcubus, cat incubus thing i made a bit ago when i was experimenting with making my own closed species thing.
also they are a bong. so

some closeups cause this thing has a lot of details i really like, the smoke being one, and just everything being gold and glam really

@Morthern not to be a stoner but I love this design a lot!! its very well done 💕

@noogie Thanks man, its aight, you don't need to hide your tru self. u can blaze w us <;

(i know next to nothing about weedstuff im so sorry)

@Morthern being a stoner in theory but not in practice is valid!! 🍁🍁🍁

@noogie well, i cant say i haven't been doing dubious things with the dutch on occasion/vacation c:::

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