ive been drawing a lot of tum lately, sorry not sorry.

this is mild, you see no bits.

im trying to find some style to draw these two science idiots in but im not entirely happy.

Dongle on display

Hi, i got in a mood and drew a lewd cat with big toys

Big ol female presenting nipnops

some more art from my tumble, a friends character who is a big soft mom

Some chibi commissions with pooltoys i did this summer(might have been summer i have no sense of time anymore) i drew Grun first, sort of as an example, that's why his tentas are coloured in instead of the floatie.

One more i did.
cause i sketch a lot. and sometimes its good.

Queen Mothra protector of earth

Went with the older design because its too damn adorable <3

Ghidorah counts as a kaiju right?

might finish this later, i kinda like it.

Gore warning

2016 was the year i drew a bunch of Ed getting mauled.
he's immortal so its aight, he'll live through it.

Monster kissing booth <3
give him smooches!

This cute doodle of blair got me like 7k notes on Tumlr and its where i peaked, i'm so sorry.

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