Jasper loves one thing in this galaxy. And that's fighting. Unfortunately for her, there's no war anymore to give her someone to fight! However, with a little creative thinking, she might just be able to make love seem like war!

This is the last of the sketches I did for Drace. It was a fun series, and glad to be a part of it!

Read the fic by Drace Domino ( twitter.com/DraceTales ) on Ao3

NSFANI.COM ( nsfani.com/ )

When you aren't a farmer, there's really nothing to do in the town of Stardew Valley for fun. So you really have to make your own entertainment wherever you can find it.

You can read the story by Drace Domino ( twitter.com/DraceTales ) on Ao3 ( archiveofourown.org/works/6150 )!

NSFANI.COM ( nsfani.com/ )

River City Girls is out on Xbox Game Pass today! And what better way to celebrate than by taking out some aggression on one of those annoying girls? Particularly the one with the cute pink stockings and easy to grab blonde hair?

I think her's sick of getting ridden around by a bossy shortstack and wants to have a turn riding her for a change.

What, oh what is a brilliant young scientist to do when travelling through space with numerous identical clones of her husband who are all eager to please and easy to influence?

Experiment of course!


I'm sure there's a dick joke to be made somewhere in here.

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This was a commission for Drace Domino to use as a banner for his weekly series "Indi-ho League" where he writes a new smutty reimagining of an episode from the first season of pokemon every sunday.

If you want to check it out, you can either follow Drace on Twitter ( twitter.com/DraceTales ), or check out the series on AO3 ( archiveofourown.org/works/2213 )

And also, here's my own links ( nsfani.art.blog/ )

For my patrons this month, we have:
-A magical Mouse Boi
-Diana turning up the pressure on Akko
-Sunset Shimmer earning a big tip
and Catra making the first good decision of her entire life.

It's a big risk, you're taking here. Who knows what that was you just summoned?


Come one, come all! The one and only Shiny Chariot is here to perform the most spectacular, tentacular, feats of magic that will go beyond the bounds of your imagination! And warning to the first three rows; Youwill get wet!

(fun fact, this was Akko's favourite performance from her!)

Links ( nsfani.art.blog/ )

She Ra gets the standard royal Brightmoon welcome given to all legendary warriors!


Castaspella was getting pretty careless with that "casual encounters" spell

The finale of the series about Kobayashi learning she's kind of a prey slut.

One of my monthly sketches for my patrons.

Happy Halloween! While I have no candy, I do have a large pair of spider-titties that you're welcome to sample!

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the witch learns a new spell from her trusty familiar. With sexy results!

(you can check out the full res, and textless version on patreon!)


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