Looks like the Horde's got a ripe and ready new dwarf to add to the breeder ranks!

So I find out there's a fusion between Greg and Steven and he's NOT voiced by Jack Black?

0/10 literally unwatchable.

Entrapta teaches Hordak the importance of taking regular breaks when working on projects. (I'm kind of a sucker for this ship)

The awesome @[email protected] wrote a fic to go along with this set that you can read right now at patreon.com/NSFAni

Choose carefully, girl!

A sketch reward for one of my 10$ patrons this month.

Patreon (patreon.com/nsfani)

Submissions are open for the monthly poll! You can put a character into the pool and cast your vote for just a dollar!

This month's theme is Teachers and Students, check it out!


Just made a few changes to how I'm running my patreon. Mostly I'm making the poll a bit easier to take part in. lemme know what you think!

Just realized I busted past 500 followers last night! Thanks to all you guys who like my sporadic art updates enough to follow me!

Goddammit, I want to draw Risky Boots!

A dispensary apparently opened up in my town, so I have decided to buy 1 (drugs). Hopefully it'll help with the abysmal sleep I've been having lately.

Some people suggested I open a ko-fi. Can't really post anything to it because ko-fi hates people like me, but here's the link if you'd like to buy me a coffee.


Is it really training? Or does Shadow Weaver just get off on dominating younger women? You be the judge!


It's Yennefer! From that series I've never played/read! But she sure won that poll!

Frankly there's not enough Panty, or Demon Sisters lewds out there. All the attention's going to the big titty goth angel. Which is bullshit, I say.

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