Blue-faced Malkoha (பச்சைவாயன்) at Vellore, last week.

A shy bird, belonging to Cuckoo family. Was lucky to see this fellow out in the open, basking in the sun.

Today has been kinda Bird Watching Day. Though I see the Sunbird everyday, I liked the way the colours came out today. Also, the black Naped Monarch, a new visitor to the garden.

Thirumandhiram - 8.8.21. "When you see the toy-elephant, you don't see the wood"

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Welcome to my world.

I create art with flowers, leaves, and other botanical elements.
I grow the not so common plants in my garden. I write about them and other interesting things I notice on my insta account.
My love for nature is my handle, blue sky.
I published an art journal, called The Garden Art Journal where you can write down your precious thoughts. The pages are interspersed with my art.
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