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Hi everyone, I"m Nrok, I draw on occasion.

I don't necessarily enjoy my kinks, but I am constantly fascinated by the ones I do and don't have, and so I draw them to explore that space.

Usually open for requests. Don't really RP. As long as you're acting in kindness you're fine.

Here's some things I've drawn

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Alright, I think next week's batch is going to bring my backlog just about up to date. Then I get to start posting new stuff in sync again (if I remember to).

(actually, I'll probably just keep dumping on mondays, but it'll be just the previous week's new stuff)

bulge, bondage? 

I feel like this idea has promise, but not sure what's gonna make it play best. Made this sort of just to remind a future me to try it again.

Justin Bailey Palette Zero Suit Samus. Just really wanted to draw this one day.


A Cassie drawing I did on stream.

Haven't streamed since. No particular reason, just hasn't been any interest since.

bulge, inflation fetish 

[2/2] Neither one of these endings made sense, which means I liked both too much to only do one.

But overall, good experience with making image sets.

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bulge, inflation fetish 

[1/2] Wanted to try an image sequence with a couple of inflation ideas.

I think I got close, but then swerved from what I would've liked right near the end...


Wanda 2B cosplay again, but also was kind of an excuse for boob practice.

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I kind of made this as a joke when I heard Beel call Lucifer "Sushifer" in the Arcadia audio drama tbh

Sushifer (Lucifer)
Malmon (Mammon)
Maguro-levi (Leviathan)
Satan-shimi (Satan)
As-mackerel (Asmodeus)
B-eel (Beelzebub)
Tako-belphie (Belphagor)
Ika-volo (Diavolo)
Kiroi barba-tail (Barbados)
Sim-ebi (Simeon)
Tamangel (Luke)
Uni-mon (Solomon)

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sex, masturbation 

A little scene with the cuties. Really fond of this one, for something I did really quickly.

Generally Gracie is the overtly horny one, and Cass plays the "straight man" nearly asexual foil, but I picture her just having a very functional relationship to sexuality. Can't argue that it's a great way to de-stress.

nudity? implied sexuality? 

hashtag Cinematic Parallels hashtag Squish

Some doodles of just, playing around with enby-ish outfit ideas?

I dunno. Thinking thru some things for sure.

nudity, sex, teasing 

[2/2] The rest of the set! Still don't know how I did with consistency (not that I've ever had a consistent exact design for Wanda...) but at least this many different poses was a good exercise for myself.

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nudity, sex, teasing 

[1/2] Back in May '18, I did a week long set, partially as a challenge to myself, partly to see if people would come back to see the rest. Successful all around, I think!

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I missed a flat colors commission from months back!

Original designed character by me. I'd like to continue refining her as a new character of mine~

Alright, that feels like a decent chunk of backlog for today.

nudity, implied beastiality? 

Gracie, ever hopeful.

If only she put this much energy into her other interests...

nudity, sex, footjob 

This was a commission for lewdDude on twitter.

I had never actually drawn Faye before, even tho in doing this I realized she was basically the template for my OC Wanda........

nuditiy, sex, fanart 

Some lewd fanart for CaptAnaugi on twitter of their OC Penny.

I do like a catgirl that is a shitpost come to life.

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