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Avery Kylin (they/them) asian (Chinese/philipino) american visual artist interested in paranormal themes and queer trans art occasional nsfw themes.I Want to see more fat bodies, gender nonconforming/trans bodies, non white bodies depicted in sci-fi and fantasy art.

I am prosexworker rights, want to build networks of mutual aid support while also lifting each other up through healing (interest in tarot/the moon /other spiritual practices) and find solace in community building


Hi! I’m Tai. 22 yr old non binary neurodivergent Black and Taiwanese/Chinese somatic practitioner. Things I love are: cats, lgbtq and black justice memes, the forest. I want to share somatic healing and anti oppressive content here. I also like to share my creative expressions of poetry, dancing, songs, etc.

Hi :) my name is pabachi and I’m new here. My pronouns are they/them and I’m a self taught digital artist from Mexico City. My work is about my journey on the internet, and the different references that formed me growing up. I’m really excited and I hope you enjoy my work :)))

I'm Alison, I'm an artist. In my previous life I was a mental health worker.

I make all kinds of fiber art, right now my focus is on nudes and animals, but that tends to change every couple of months.

I love to cook and bake, love my plants, and am growing oyster mushrooms in my basement. I also like to admire other people's ceramics, painting, and illustration.

Some amazing indigenous leaders and organizers put together a really good overview of the differences between white/colonized permaculture and regenerative agriculture and indigenous cultures and perspectives.
I had shared this as an instagram link before (which is where I first saw it). But, I don't think it's captioned and it means you have to go to instagram. So, I'm going to repost it as a thread here! (1/?)

#permaculture #gardening #farming

Illustrated Nudity, gentle sexual themes 

Hi! My middle name is Kylin! I’m new to Mastodon! Hoping to find a community that is supportive of trans people and sex workers. Would love to continue making supernatural queer/trans art of diverse bodies and be able to do freelance work/ work to promote funding mutual aid when I can spare the funds. Here is some of my art:

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