Thiruvempavai - 2. "You boasted that your love is for Paranjothi, but now you are asleep. Is this soft bed your object of love now?"

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Thiruppavai - 2. "These are things we do and things we abstain from in this period of abstinence"

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Thiruvempavai - 1.

"Even after hearing us sing the praise
of the infinite Flame with neither beginning nor end,
You’re still asleep! Are your ears hard of hearing?"

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Naaladiyaar - 192. "A sapling, once its core hardens, will become a post to tie a mighty elephant"

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Yesterday's verse was the girl pining for the man. Today it is his turn.

Kurunthokai - 58. "My love sickness is like butter on a hot rock, guarded by an armless mute"


This is a short video I shot at Muttom beach, Kanniyakumari district, of waves dashing against rocks. Just like the simile in the above poem.

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Ainkurunooru - 81. What do a stork, a tortoise & a drummer have to do with a courtesan? A swag put down 2000 years ago.

It is easy for older people to abstain from sensory pleasures. But for a youth to abstain from pleasures is real abstinence. One whose wealth is not growing, who yet gives to charity is real charity. Similarly restraint by one who has the strength to have his own way against any opposition is the real restraint. To have the power and yet have control is admirable.

இளையான் - youth
அடக்கம் - control (of senses)
கிளை - grow
கொடை - charity
ஒறுக்கும் - destroy
மதுகை - strength
பொறை - patience

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Naaladiyaar 65.

Abstinence by youth is real abstinence;
Charity by one who lacks bountiful wealth is real charity;
One who has the strength to destroy anything,
His restraint is real restraint.

இளையான் அடக்கம் அடக்கம் கிளைபொருள்
இல்லான் கொடையே கொடைப்பயன் - எல்லாம்
ஒறுக்கும் மதுகை உரனுடை யாளன்
பொறுக்கும் பொறையே பொறை.


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