I am opening for my Monthly Theme Commissions! March’s theme is "Full Spread" Pin-Ups. The focus on these pieces is your character showing off and spreading their genitalia Apply here: bit.ly/2ChNzcY

I am opening for my Monthly Theme Commissions! January’s theme is: goo! Specifically, gooey portrait commissions! Have your character's face in your preferred expression covered in a viscous, gooey fluid of your choice! Apply here: bit.ly/2QvOv1q

Additionally, Thirsty Pixie patrons of mine will receive 10% off and preferred slots for all Monthly Theme Commissions!

Art Alley

Art Alley is a Mastodon server for artists and commissioners, as well as people who just like looking at art. Share your finished pieces, works in progress, changes to your commissions status and your livestreams, or whatever else you want, really!